1. This makes me totally want to book a trip! I can see why you and your kiddos love it….amazing!

  2. SO cool. I’m totally enchanted by buildings this old too. I can’t believe people still live there! I feel like it’s so especially fascinating to Americans because there’s nothing that old here. Can I come on your family vacation next year??

  3. I’m always in awe when we visit Germany how the architecture has survived for hundreds of years. Germans sure build things to last and to perfection! I would move there in a heart beat. 😉

  4. Such beautiful pictures. This makes me miss Europe so much. I love all the rich history and castles. And the moats. Oh the moats 🙂

  5. I seriously need to get over my fear of flying so I can see this place! Enjoy the rest of your trip! I can’t wait to see more pictures!

  6. Beautiful pictures and details, Julia! Looks like you have a wonderful time!Xo

  7. oh, how cool! this is why I need to visit Europe…they have all the best castles 🙂

  8. It’s just absolutely incredible! Better than a fairy tale!! Thank you for sharing!!

  9. Misael C. Balayan says:

    I took my wife and son there yesterday (May 29, 2016). The schloss, its moat, the furnitures, and the surrounding garden are enchanting.

    I have my pictures uploaded in my Facebook account for my friends and relatives to enjoy.

    1. It is most charming for sure!

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