1. cassie @ primitive & proper says:

    the architecture in these places just kills me- the details on the doors and ceilings are unmatched!

    1. The doors are always my favorite

  2. Marty@A Stroll Thru Life says:

    Oh my word, everything is totally amazing.

  3. You’re killing me… Glad to see your kids loved the churches because my daughter instituted a one church a day rule while we were in Germany. I guess for them it does get a little old when you are seeing them everyday. I on the other hand couldn’t get enough. Amazing the detail of theses structures and the age compared tho what is “old” here in the U.S. Love seeing all your photos even if they make me a little sad.

    1. Lol one church a day, that’s funny. That rule certainly doesn’t apply to my kids 😉

    1. Yes it is and my daughter loves the timbered buildings too. She asked why people now build boring homes 😉

  4. Germany is such a beautiful country! What an extraordinary gift you are giving your children to learn about your (and their) culture but also to foster in them a love of travel and a chance to see beyond the US. And by your son’s comments and his blog posts, he has already been bitten by the traveling bug!

    1. Yes he has for sure. He loves it! I love that he comes up with his own wishes of what he wants to see. One of the things he wants to do is eat himself through Japan 😉

  5. Esther Books says:

    Next time I have to go back to Bamberg – haven’t been there since I was a teenager. So pretty!

    1. Oh you definitely should. I appreciate it all so much more now.

    1. I hope you get your wish

  6. Shannon Turgeon says:

    I love Bamberg too! I especially like the faces in the cathedral pillars. I like to imagine generations of people sitting solemnly for a sermon and feeling the eyes on them. Quite an interesting thought.

    Also, love the bier gartens!!

    1. Haha yes that’s an interesting thought but I think about stuff like that too. I love reading historical fiction too which I’m doing right now again and then I have those thoughts too

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