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  1. That’s pretty amazing! It’s a perfect match to the cabinets, and you did an outstanding job applying the wrap.

  2. Looks amazing.
    Regarding the stove, since the “glue” is heat activated, that could be a problem when the stove gets very hot.
    Will it bubble or discolor? You might test a small piece of the wrap to see how it does with ‘spatters’ of oil, food, or grease baked on.
    I tested a potential white stone counter by leaving drops of oil, tomato sauce, and water for a day, and then for a week. I found the counter sample had water marks and stained badly. I was glad I discovered it before making a very expensive mistake. Good luck!!

    1. Hi Jackie, nope it doesn’t cause any issues because cars get very hot as well. The vinyl is made just for that. Also, a car gets very dirty on the road so I think a stove and dishwasher is pretty similar when it comes to dirt and grease.

  3. I so admire a DIY genius and you are one! As a military wife I was always trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. I needed your inspiration.

    The dishwasher looks professional.

  4. Wow, before your article, I never even thought that car vinyl can be applied to such surfaces as a household appliance. This is genius! When my wife said that we need to do something with our technique, as it spoils the appearance of the kitchen and accentuates the attention, I immediately started looking for paint. But on one of the forums, I saw a link to your article, although I would never have thought of that. Your article tells in sufficient detail what exactly needs to be done and how to choose the shade that we need. I also like the fact that if something happens, we can always change the appearance of our technique back.

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