1. Catherine says:

    Julia it looks fantastic!!

    1. Thank you so much Catherine!

  2. Wow….it looks ABSOLUTELY great. You must be tickled pink with the result.
    You are soooo talented

    1. Thanks Carol, I’m definitely really happy with it.

  3. You are so talented! And as always, I enjoy seeing your kitties.

    1. Thanks Alison, they are always part of my projects 😉

    1. Well thanks so much for the sweet compliment Karen

  4. Love this. So creative.

  5. The makeover is stunning, but then so is your living room. It is elegant and cozy all at the same time. Question – where did you get the ruler with the attached level? That would make life easier. Love black and black and white cats. Have 3 fosters right now that I would love to keep, but my oldie-goldies can hardly wait for them to go:-). Thank you for sharing.

    1. I can’t even remember where I got the ruler but it is definitely something that makes my life easier for many projects. Love my black and white Willy so much. He’s the best.

  6. This is flat-out gorgeous!

  7. It is amazing! It is beautiful, useful and eco friendly. I hope to try it myself.

    1. Thanks Lisa, I’m glad I didn’t buy a new dresser and used what I had 😉

  8. Stop it. This is stunning!! Love the paper you chose, the design and that gorgeous hardware. 😍

  9. Diane@InMyOwnStyle says:

    hi Julia – I am a grasscloth lover, too. I love how you transformed the dresser. You did so much detailing – quite impressive.! All those cuts. 🙂

    1. Thank you Diane, the peel and stick paper made the cuts actually easy because you can remove and place it over and over again.

  10. Jen Biggs says:

    Beautiful – as always!!! Going to pin this for possible future use!!!

    1. Thanks so much for pinning

  11. June Pope says:

    This is an amazingly beautiful cabinet and what a great job you did! Very creative and you did it on some kind of crazy budget that boggles the mind! You’re so talented!

  12. Where did the hardware come from? it completes the chest?

    1. Hi Lynne, there is a direct link to it in my blog post under “materials needed” – hardware (I’ve always wanted to use Chinese brass hardware so I chose this one HERE). If you click on the HERE it takes you to the hardware. Hope that helps.

  13. sonam singh says:

    Awesome Work!! I enjoyed reading. keep it up.

  14. This is one of your coolest projects yet! Though everything you do is amazing! I loved it so much I shared it on FB and pinned! So so beautiful!

    1. Oh thanks so so much for sharing. I really appreciate it.

  15. This is amazing!! Can you come do mine?!

  16. Love this! Using this method on our dresser! Is there a glue or lacquer you suggest to put around the corners to prevent it from fraying overtime? I got textured peel/stick wallpaper instead of flat. Thanks in advance!

    1. Hi there Brianna! Sorry but I don’t have any suggestions because my paper is flat. I would contact the manufacturer and ask them. Good luck!

  17. This is so beautiful! I see that you completed this project over 3 years ago- has the piece lasted? Has the wallpaper come up on any of the edges? I’m afraid my toddlers would try to pull off the peel and stick paper!!

    1. It’s held up great and is still in my living room. I’ve had no issues with it. Good luck!

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