1. Wow, very impressive! Looks great!

  2. Love it!! I’m in need of a budget bathroom makeover. Any thoughts on the peel & stick tile that you can actually use grout in the gaps? I have seen that and wonder your thoughts.

    1. Yes, I have seen that too Gen. My friend Oscar of Oscar Bravo Home used vinyl tiles with grout that he bought at Home Depot. He could probably answer that question because I think these aren’t made for grout.

  3. Looks great. I would warn others, though, that the pattern of the underlying floor will wear through on a highly trafficked area like a kitchen. Been there, done that. And removal of tile is not as easy as one would think. It does give a fresh look on a budget, though.

    1. Thanks for that info Deb, that’s definitely good to know and I will keep an eye out for the tile pattern wearing through. Thankfully our bathroom doesn’t get that much traffic and when I rip this out, it will probably all go including the tile underneath to get that dream walk-in shower that I always wanted.

  4. I am doing our hall bath on a budget. It will be either paint with stencil or peel and stick. Thank you for your detail assessment it helps. I wouldn’t notice the imperfections.

  5. Another great project accomplished! Thanks for the details….I was wondering if I should get the edge duplicator, but like your idea better.

  6. Julia! I love the look and more importantly I love your honest explanation of the process!
    Congrats on another awesome project!

  7. I wonder about moisture effect. Does it peel off when wet at a long time? How long do you have it now?

    1. I’ve had it for about a year and haven’t had any issues.

  8. Do you know if this product can be used on walls as a backsplash?

    1. I don’t see why not. My friend used something similar in her camper as a backsplash.

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