1. Love that floor tile! Looks amazing!

  2. lou peterson says:

    love everything about your chic make over kudos to you it looks beautiful!

    1. Thank you so much! I’m so happy with it

  3. i LOOOVE it! I keep trying to pin it but I think pinterest is having issues. It’s SO gorgeous!

    1. Oh no! Well, thanks so much for trying. I hope it’s not on my end because I’ve been having issues. It did work for me though.

  4. I think it looks great. Love the color green.

    1. Thank you Betty! I keep adding more and more green to our house. The kitchen is green, my son’s room is green and now a green bathroom 😉

  5. What a gorgeous transformation! I love how many times you’ve switched up your bathroom. And that cat door is brilliant.

    1. Thanks Amy, I always try to keep the budget to a minimum and still get a different look.

  6. Looks great. Initially I wasn’t sure about the wall color but I see the wisdom of your way now.
    BTW… the door that you put on the cats litter room…was that a linen closet? Is it ONLY used as a cat loo now?

    1. Thanks Carol, I have been pinning this color on Pinterest, so I knew it was time to add it to our house 😉 The closet isn’t only used as a cat toilet. There are still shelves in it with boxes that keep things like nail polish, first aid kit, cleaning supplies, and things like that.

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