1. Oh WOW. What a great update – looks totally custom now! I love the look. I’ve been toying with the idea of painting the tile in my girls’ bathroom, though it’s not a project I’ll get to anytime soon. I’ll be very curious to hear how this wears!

    1. Thank you Jennifer, I will keep everyone update on the wear.

  2. Kathleen Tweed says:

    WOW what a transformation! I loved the floors before but I really love them now! Totally different look!

  3. cassie @ primitive & proper says:

    this idea is brilliant, julia!!!! i LOVE it!

  4. ashley@biggerthanthethreeofus says:

    Crazy, awesome idea. Seriously, update us all with how it wears.

  5. I love the new look. I am also looking at tile that I would love to get rid of, but the expense and mess are not what I want to do at this time. Thanks for the inspiration:)

  6. This is an incredible idea – such a high-end look from such a simple and cost-effective solution, love love love.

  7. It all looks great! Where did you get that great stool/bench?

    1. I found the stool at Target last year but they never had it online. Not sure why and thanks so so much.

  8. Brittany Cramer says:

    So SMART! love the way it looks! now for a pulled back shot 😉

    1. Oh yes I need a pulled back shot but the bathroom was a mess and I was lazy 😉 And thank you so much

  9. I love the new look. I will be interested to see how it holds up as well, let us know. 🙂

    1. Thank you and I sure will!

  10. Wow! That looks amazing! What a change.

    If they don’t hold up on their own, I’d be tempted to try covering them with a polyurethane or some kind of epoxy.

    I will be following this….

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed and thanks so much!

  11. Darnetha | ChippaSunshine says:

    What a brilliant idea Julia! Looks amazing!

  12. Oh I love this!! As a renter, this is such a do-able option for me without pi**ing off the landlord!! 🙂
    And I adore the new geometric pattern you created.

  13. Pure genius!! and gorgeous!!

  14. Gretchen@BoxyColonial says:

    Looks so great! Fingers crossed that it holds up for you!

  15. The vinyl add to the tile is brilliant and makes the flooring look so high end!

  16. Julia - Vintage with Laces says:

    It makes such a big difference and looks just fabulous, Julia! Great idea!

  17. OMG, I love this transformation so much!!! The black and tan/white pattern is amazing and looks like it was meant to be that way – it reminds me of those super expensive patterned concrete tiles everyone (include me!) loves right now! Bravo!

    1. Thank you! I really want some cement tile too, it’s just not been in my budget

  18. Gwen, The Makerista says:

    Gosh, it looks so good, Julia! What a transformation!

    1. Thank you so much Gwen

  19. WOW! So very cool Julia! I never would have thought to do this! What an easy change too!

    1. Thanks Summer, lets hope it stays nice 😉

  20. This looks awesome! I love the pattern.

  21. Beth of designPOST interiors says:

    You are such smart lady!! Love this and how much it looks like the tribal/cement tile craze but for a fraction of the cost!

  22. Kristin Cadwallader says:

    Love it! Such a great idea if you are renting too! xo

  23. Kimberly Duran says:

    I missed this somehow (!!) but what an amazing transformation! From blah to fabulous! Love this – hope they wear well 🙂 xxx

    1. Gosh I hope so too and thanks.

  24. Lisa @ Shine Your Lighta says:

    That transformation is amazing Julia. I hope the vinyl lasts because that would be an awesome solution for those of us with less than desirable tiles! I have a whole foyer of 80s tile that I was thinking of stenciling. You must be very patient to lay all those triangles so perfectly!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Lisa, I have to write an update on the floor soon. I still want to try another grade of vinyl yet too.

  25. Any news how the floor Is wearing? Does it collect dirt at the seams? Love to hear.


  26. Hi Julia, I stumbled upon your blog and love the modifications you made to the Ikea vanity! So much so that I would like to install the same ring pulls in our glossy grey Ikea Godmorgon vanity. I was wondering if you have any tips or suggestions on what worked for you? I’m nervous of cracking the drawers.

    1. HI there Sarah, I’m so glad you like it. I never regretted drilling into the vanity. It was so worth it. I placed painters tape over the drawers where the pulls went before drilling. It was super easy. I shouldn’t have worried that much. Hope this helps.

  27. Question: Did your ikea vanity cabinet come with those long ugly pulls that go at the top of the drawers? I assume it did and that you just didn’t use them and instead added pulls. I would love to do this at an upcoming project but wasn’t sure it was possible.

    Thanks in advance and the room looks awesome btw!

    1. Yup that’s exactly what I did and thanks so much. It really changes the look of the cabinets and makes the vanity look less Ikea 😉

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