1. I think it’s perfect! Not sure if my cats would go for the “swing” effect, but I think I will give it a try. Used to macrame years ago and really enjoyed it. My question is, how can you actually make a hanger, especially with all those tantalizing string “toys” and cats? Unfortunately I don’t have a separate space to shut myself into without one of the cats or the dog insisting on joining me. Love your blog. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Barb! They do help from time to time and I actually enjoy that part too when they get busy with the string. It’s so cut to watch 🙂 and keeps us all occupied.

  2. Louise Pusey says:

    My cats will love this its fantastic. Please could you tell me in total how many yards of cord you used and is it 2mm?

    1. Thanks Louise, I used the exact 4mm yarn that I linked to in the post. The amount of yarn you need depends on the measurements of how you low you want your bed to hang and where the hook is hanging. You should be good with one order of macrame yarn.

  3. I love this and am giving it a try. I am at the part where I have to measure from the ceiling hook to where I want it to hang. I then multiply that by 10 (for example I want it to hang 60 inches down so I only cut the cord at 600 inches?). And then I have to cut 8 more pieces of 600 inches? This is where my confusion is. Please help me 🙂

    1. Hi Melissa, I pinned a comment to the top on my youtube video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wCokmBizXMc of someone who made it as well and altered the measurements. That might be helpful.
      “It’s so lovely thank you for the tutorial!!🥰 a few tips for anyone making this you will need 200 Meters of cord I made mine 54inches long (I had planned for it to be 4ft but it turned out longer) I did 7 times the finished length I could have got away with 6 times and the 24 added pieces were only 110inches in length but that will depend on how long you want the tassels!! “

  4. Debra S Curd says:

    Thank you for the video and tutorial! Very well made and easy to understand and follow. Tried my very first ever Macrame with this kitty swing/bed….I used alternate materials – whatever I could round up – So it has a Frankenstein-like appearance -Lol ut, I will get proper materials and attempt more Macrame. I found it to be relaxing.
    Thank you again-Debi Curd

    1. Oh I’m glad you like it Debra and I totally agree with you, macrame is relaxing to me too.

  5. Allison Moore says:

    Thanks for sharing! It looks so awesome and I have 2 cats (out of 3 total) that I can only imagine would LOVE this to be hanging around for them to nap on, Gizmo & Milo! It’s been awhile since I’ve macramed and my husband use to make necklaces with hand blown glass pieces for himself and his friends. Hopefully he will be able to help me if I get stumped. Now I just need to obtain all the items to make it!! Do you think hemp string would work as well? I ask because that’s what I may already have on hand. Thanks again and can’t wait to try this out!

    1. I think hemp string could work as well but I have never used it so I can’t say for sure. I just love the softness of macrame yarn and 4mm is the perfect thickness. Hope Gizmo and Milo will love it.

  6. Jeanie Hendersen says:

    That looks comfy for my kitties, a swinging bed will be a good addition to their cat tree and wall perch. Thanks for sharing your DIY. Detailed and straight-forward.

    1. Thanks so much Jeanie!

  7. I love this! I’m giving it a go, but as a macrame newbie(well, since I was a teenager) I’m a little confused by the differing ring sizes, are the rest of the measurements for an 18″ hoop or a 20″ hoop? I ordered the 20″ 😉 Thanks for your time!

    1. Hi Chelsea. I made a typo with the different ring sizes. The ring size has to match the pillow size. And I cut definitely too much when I made mine because I didn’t even really know how I would make it. I came up with it along the way. So there will be enough.

  8. Elisabeth says:

    Hi Julia! This looks so beautiful. Do you have any tips for stabilizing this a bit more? My cat is 14 and I think she’d be a bit hesitant to jump onto something that would immediately start swinging.

    1. Hi Elisabeth, yes I could see a senior cat being a bit scared. I actually tied two pieces of macrame yarn on each side and jammed them shut under the window. It’s docked like a boat on the water 😉 and it works ok for us. Hope that helps.

  9. I’m going to make this for my mom for a Mother’s Day gift. My question is can you give me an average yards you used so I can get an idea?

    1. Hi Tonya, someone on my YouTube channel said that she used around 200 meters (around 219 yards) to make the bed as a rough idea.

  10. This is awesome! I was looking into buying a perch for my Daisy but I’d much rather make it! I’m wondering how big Willy is, Daisy is about 12 pounds so just thinking about scale. Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Lydia, Willy is 10.5 pounds. Our Maya is 12 pounds and fits in the bed too but she doesn’t like that it moves and never uses it. Hope that helps.

    2. Kristen Hitchcock says:

      I’m in the process of making one- my Big Boi is 19lbs (big, not fat), and I’m wondering if 4 strands in the 4 lines coming down will be sturdy enough for him- can I add 2 more strands to each line? Newby macraméist.

      1. Hi Kristen, I guess you could add extra strands to the center of the lines that are coming down but they would have to be in the center of square knots. I’m not sure if that makes sense to you.

    3. Kristen Hitchcock says:

      My Big Boi is 19-# (big, not fat) and I was wondering if I could add 2 strands to the 4 on each line running down? Newby macraméist here!

  11. I love this! I’m in the process of making it, but a little confused about where the leftover long strand from the rings is used?

    1. Hi Sarah, I used some of the leftovers as the gathered tassel on the bottom.

  12. Hi do you make these to sell? 😊

    1. Hi Raylene, no I didn’t but I linked other small businesses who do.

  13. Carole Kunkel says:

    Do you know what weight this will hold?

    1. That is a great question Carole and I am sorry because I do not know. My cats are all on the smaller side, so I didn’t worry about it.

  14. Love this! I’m wondering if two embroidery hoops would work just as well? What do you think?

    1. Hi Erica, they might work too I was just worried that the wood could break. The metal is definitely more sturdy

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