1. Thanks so much Whitney, I was amazed at what my iPhone can do because that’s all I used for the video 😉 First timer here.

  1. these are incredible, but i know i would not last on this project- i have the attention span of – squirrel! i am sorry what was i saying?

  2. Well. I LOVE the way to curtains came out, but seriously – the video?!?! How is it that good for your first one?! The music, the camera angle, your shirt…everything was so, so good. Nice work!!!

  3. They look amazing and loved watching the video! Your entire room is beautiful!!

  4. What an amazing job Julia. The curtain is stunning and I loved the video too. Congrats!

  5. Patty Day says:

    Very, very clever!!

  6. Julia, these are so perfect! I absolutely love the way you mix black and white patterns – you are a master! And the video is adorable too!

  7. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    Wow you are brilliant. Such a wonderful idea and your video is so clear. I would take a day to do what you finished in just a minute.

    1. Thanks Sheryll. And yes the heat transfer is washable. It’s made for t-shirt and fabric applications which means it is washable.

  8. Sheryll $ Critters. says:

    I forgot to ask where to get that great iron on tape. Also is it washable? If you said, I could have missed it. I was so caught up in the pics.

  9. so cool! And I love that there’s no paint….I would end up with black paint all over the place if I tried to do something like this with paint 😉

    1. Yeah paint wouldn’t be good for this project

  10. Yes! Totally amazing! I don’t think I could have stuck through the whole project but I love the outcome! Also, that painting! Did I miss you posting about it?

    1. I was obsessed with finishing it and Netflix makes the time pass fast. I actually really enjoyed the project. I’m strange. And I think I only posted about the project on Instagram 😉

    1. Thanks, I was thinking about doing that too for my bathroom

    1. Thank you so much Ellen

    1. Once I got the hang of it, it went pretty quickly actually and you don’t have to wait for them to dry which I always had to do previously which cuts the time too.

    1. Thanks so so much Kyla

  11. oh gosh yes that wallpaper would make the curtains so much better. I feel like I need more classic elements now like my chaise to blanche those curtains and crosses out

  12. They look so good, Julia! I admire your patience!!!

    1. Thanks Brandi. It’s strange what I have patience for and what not 😉

  13. Kathleen Tweed says:

    Julia, this is really amazing! Your creativity knows no bounds! Seriously, I just love these drapes. I’m not sure I will ever make them but your video makes me believe I can! You are a star! Who thinks like you do? You see something and are able to copy it and pull the whole thing off! Can’t say this is my favorite post b/c I love so much of what you do but this is unreal and up there in my favorite ones!
    Lv, Kathleen

    1. Thanks so so much again Kathleen for being so sweet and your sweet email. Clearly made my day.

  14. Oh my goodness, you did such a great job! These look so, so good. 🙂

    Here’s an odd question – I have the same blank curtains from IKEA, would you consider making them for me? I’d obviously pay you but you’d do such a better job than me!

    If not, no worries!

    1. Hi Kenna, they took a really long time to make and would end up being way too expensive if someone paid me to make them 😉 but I’m so glad you like them.

    1. Sometimes I am patient, thanks 😉

  15. Oh you are TOO clever!! I absolutely love that graphic pop they add – phenomenal job and your video was great!! xxx

    1. Thanks now I’m obsessed with making more. Just have to find the time to do it 😉

  16. This is so good!! They look so beautiful and graphic! I bet they look even better with all the black and white you have already DIY’d. Absolutely incredible Julia. Also you’re styling and these photos are spot on!

    1. I don’t really have the time to make them either but I pretend I do and then I get it done. Thank you 😉

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