1. Thanks Cassie, I hope so 😉

  1. I just love your walkways & enclosures! Such a kind creative way to improve an indoor cats life.

    1. The best part is when they walk out there for the first time. Especially when you adopt a cat that has never been outside

  2. Your fur children are very happy with the tunnel….bless you

    1. Yes they are and thanks so much Debby

  3. Brilliant, Julia! I love it…and I know the cats do too.

    1. Yes I’m pretty sure they love it too. I can’t wait to continue with the build once my back is better and the fence post is fixed.

  4. Diane Bélanger says:

    That is so cool! I love that you do this for your cats. Job so well done!

    1. Thanks Diane! The job needs to get finished yet though when the weather plays along, my back is healed and the fence post fixed. Hopefully I can continue soon.

  5. I think I’ve fallen in love with Willy. The pictures of him in the tunnel are absolutely adorable! Such sweet kitties you have.

    1. Thanks Alison, he has the best personality. He’s part monkey, lemur, dog, cat and human. Such a funny little guy.

  6. Julia,
    I absolutely love your ideas! Your cat tunnels and cat cage are brilliant!! Your cats are very lucky !!!

    1. Thanks Aileen, it’s so fun to see them enjoy it

  7. Jacqueline Mikaere says:

    I enjoyed reading about your cat tunnels. It has given me inspiration and ideas for one to run between my daughters house and mine!

    1. Oh good luck! I’m sure the kitties will love it.

  8. Gene OBrien says:

    Great idea, I made a catio myself-in 1990, I’m not a good carpenter but my 4 cats love it-even in the winter to get a breath of fresh air and look at the birds and sun…I think it’s best NOT to use pressure treated wood or stain or paint- because of the arsenic & chemicals -Cats love kicking their paws-i know the wood will last longer, but still a risk..they sell plastic coated wood maybe not as risky-costly, not sure thou…I really like the Tunnel idea, cats diffently love being outside and your NOT ever worried because their not lost,or free roaming onto a street-cars or other animals like a fox saying hello…lol

    1. I completely agree Gene. I do feel ok about having the pressure treated and stained wood so far though. I’ve had our enclosure for over 15 years now and my first set of cats all passed away at a very high age (19, 20, and 22 years old) and lived a mostly healthy life while using this enclosure for years. I did use a small amount of pressure-treated wood though.

  9. What a great tutorial very well done

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