1. Oh wow, this is great.
    If I wouldn`t have the possibility for my kittens to run free outside, I would have build such a thing too.
    Really nice.;)
    Love & hugs

  2. Every time I see this it blows me away! The ultimate DIY 🙂 I am sure your cats are so happy they get to be outside and have their own space!

  3. This is so amazing! I wish we could do something like that for Figgy. 🙂

    Angela @ Number Fifty-Three

  4. This is Purrrrrfect (sorry)! what an amazing way to let cats enjoy the great outdoors safely- and so fun it was inspired by yours! We have 4 rescues who love going out but I worry sometimes even in our quiet neighborhood- and then of course there are the “gifts” they bring us and leave on the step!
    Thanks for sharing this!

    1. I have a stray rescue now too who goes outside and she just brought me a dead bleeding baby bunny last week. Ugh 🙁

  5. wow! that’s amazing! I keep wanting to do something like this for our cats (or at least the indoor one; the one who’s used to going out probably wouldn’t stand for it). But….time!

  6. oh man, that is awesome. we just put in a small patio, and i want my cats out there with me! i don’t think the boyfriend would want to do all that, but at the very least we can get a crate!

  7. Dude. Ike needs one of these. Then he could stop scratching at the deck door every two seconds when he wants to go sniff around outside. I’m on it. 😉

  8. I love that people go to all of the effort to create these structures for the beloved furry family members to keep them safe and provide stimulation. I am saving for some kits that I am purchasing from http://www.habitathaven.com and will need some carpentry done in order to install. No matter where one lives a safe outdoor habitat can be created-so check out this absolutely awesome website-lots of photos from all over Canada and the US of A of people”s enclosures/habitats for their beloved critters.

    1. I saw those structures before, they actually inspired me to build my own because they are pretty expensive. I’m sure your kitties will love it.

  9. Oh how wonderful. I love his very much. I am still dreaming of making one maybe smaller in length to your’s. I only have one floor house, so can’t do anything as nice as either his or yours. I can’t get the privacy fencing home (gets expensive also) and put it up or I would be starting a short one myself. I am a very determined person, so if I live long enough, I will have one for my four as well.

  10. Ok this is really cool. I wish my neighbor would have this so her cat would stop coming into my yard and peeing on my daughters toys. I hate her cats just for that reason. Will show her this for sure.

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