1. Right? I think so too!

  1. Gave you my email…but didn’t get the free download.

    1. It should be coming from my email info@cuckoo4design to your inbox and there are several to chose from. I see in my account that the email was sent to you with the download.
      Did you check your junk folder? It might be regarded as spam by your service provider.
      I just tested it out myself again and I received the email right away.
      Let me know if you still can’t find it.

  2. Gail P Hunt says:

    I have been looking at catios for weeks. Mine needs to go along a straight wall, as does this one. I believe I will follow your design. Thanks so much.

    1. Good luck Gail. I have another post coming up about how I built my outdoor tunnels for my cats too.

  3. What a cool project! Posts like this make me glad I never see feral cats around my neighborhood (I guess the area is too built up? Although there are a lot of woods in the back of our neighborhood)…I don’t think Dave would be very excited if I suggested we needed to start building housing for all the feral cats around 😉

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