1. My sister had this same situation. Thank you for caring about the feral cats.

    1. Hope your sister was able to find a solution for the situation too Deb

  2. I really hope that you don’t get any mean comments for the great job you’re doing, Julia. You spend time and money to safe a lot of cats and that is just wonderful. It’s awful that so many people in your neighborhood don’t like cats. This must be pretty frustrating for you. The number of cats and dogs that get euthanized each year makes me very sad. Thank you very much for doing what you do!!!

    1. Thank you Julia. I couldn’t do any of it without my neighbor and friend. It’s so much easier to do it with someone and not be completely alone.

  3. Trish Rodriguez says:

    Totally agree with your approach. We are accidental rescuers with 7 cats and 4 dogs. My husband’s work location before he retired was on a dark road which was popular for dumping. We have bottle fed 3 of our babies and everyone gets along most of the times. We have 3 liter boxes that are cleaned every day. The dogs don’t bother the cats when going outside from the garage in the mornings. I never wanted pets because of the clean up but look at us now. People need to be responsible pet owners but on the other hand should have access to reasonably cost services to do that. I support several rescue groups because of the work they do. There is always options than just abandoning animals. I support you for going the extra mile.

    1. Thanks so much Trish and thank you for rescuing. Good luck with all your furry babies

  4. We trapped and neutered a neighbors male cat that liked coming into our backyard. . We knew the neighbors weren’t going to spay him.. The final straw was when we found him inside our house and he sprayed the half bath toilet. They moved the next month, so we never knew what happened to “Mister”.

    1. I really can’t stand when people don’t neuter their pets.
      I’m glad you stepped up to the plate.

  5. Thank you for loving these beautiful cats, Julia!

  6. Jennifer hodges says:

    Great job! Keep fighting the good fight!

  7. Ivette Lopez says:

    I think it’s a great thing that you are doing. I’ve been doing the same thing in our neighborhood for the last 2 years and the situation has improved tremendously. At first my neighbors were upset that I was releasing them back into our neighborhood but they now see that it has become a much more manageable situation and some of them are even helping out with feeding them now.

    1. Oh that is really encouraging. Maybe my neighbors can see that it is a good thing too as time goes on.

  8. I commend you for your generous actions towards these cats. How is it you only pay 15$ per cat. I pay $350.00
    per cat to have it spayed or neutered. Lucky you. I would gladly have them operated if I were to pay only $15.00.

    1. Hi Suki, I don’t take my pets to get neutered there. I take them to our regular vet and it costs about what you pay there. I want mine to have the bloodwork and monitoring that a regular vet does and which they don’t do at the neutering organization. They skip a lot of steps which makes it so much cheaper. If a cat should have underlying health issues it could die unfortunately. And thankfully our borough steps in for half of it too.

  9. Thank you for loving cats & helping in your community. I love your blog & I’m glad I found it! I can’t wait to make a catio like yours for my two cats this summer.

    1. Oh thank you and I want to see photos of your catio when it is done.

  10. Thank you for taking care of these fur babies. I help a friend that feeds feral cats and I’m trying to talk her into trap, fix and release! She now has 3 more baby kittens.

    1. I hope you can talk her into it. They shouldn’t multiply and then there are more and more to take care of.

  11. Thank you so much for what you are doing for the kitties. It is heartbreaking work you do. Keep fighting for them and God bless you for it.

  12. You are doing amazing work! I trapped and neutered 4 males last year, while trying to trap a female calico I had heard in heat a few weeks earlier. She was so sneaky and I never caught her. I haven’t seen her since but often wonder what came of her. My family is avid animal lovers, so we do what we can to help other animals in the best way we can. (BTW – I’ve never seen those 4 males since their “snip-snip”. I must have really pissed them off.)

    1. Oh I hope nothing bad happened to the males and females. Thanks for neutering

  13. You are to be commended for what you are doing to help these cats.
    I have paid for a dog and 2 cats to be neutered that were dropped out near my
    house by someone just wanting to get rid of them. We kept one cat and found a
    home for one cat and a dog. Maybe others who read your blog will get involved in
    this good cause.

    1. Poor babies. That’s great that you took them in! I hope so too that others will think it is worth doing this

  14. Oh, I love this so much! You are doing a good thing, and I hope your heartless neighbors change their minds soon. It’s amazing and sad how mean people can be toward innocent animals.
    In my neighborhood we have an armadillo problem and many of my neighbors trap and then shoot them, which I find just disgusting! Animal Control will pick them up and relocate them, but my neighbors enjoy the “sport” of killing them. Yuck.
    Please continue your good work! There are lots of us out here who support and applaud it!

    1. I never knew armadillos can cause a problem and I think it’s awful too that people think it’s fun to hurt them. Killing should never be fun. That is so sad.

  15. Great job. A humane way to help with the problem.

    1. I know opinions are divided but I think so too.

  16. Amelia A Titus says:

    I have been a random reader of yours for quite some time now and don’t think I have commented ever before… but I wanted to reach out here and say thank you for everything you’re doing and I can imagine how much hard work it is. People can indeed be callous and it is a light in a dark place that you do what you do day in and out against the grain to take care of the local creatures. I am really impressed by you as a human being; have been from this post and other ones you’ve made. You seem like a really wonderful person. For that I thank you <3

    1. Thank you so so much Amelia. I always love comments and even more from someone who has never commented before. It reassures me that people are still here and listening and I’m not just talking to myself.
      I don’t feel wonderful at all because this stuff can weigh you down and it gets depressing.
      So thank you so so much again.

  17. Julia, thanks for doing this in your neighborhood. I know it’s a controversial issue, but where I live in Florida, rescue agencies won’t take feral cats. We had a neighbor who worked for a shelter and she trapped, neutered and released the female and male cats who were responsible for three litters in a very short time. All the neighbors were thankful that she did.

    1. So much suffering could be avoided if everyone would help with the neutering.

  18. This is a wonderful thing you are doing, Julia! I live in Quakertown and use NNN, as well! We just got a new neighborhood cat who is next on my list. The first year we moved in we found kittens (I also kept one!) and that got me started. I couldn’t imagine finding kittens like that every year… plus, I would always want to keep one 🙂 No kittens in 3 years since I started TNR! I am so glad to see other “regular” people stepping up to solve a problem in their community. You have inspired me to blog about this when I catch the next cat.

    1. Oh hey! You live in Quakertown? That’s so close to me. I used to take my one cat to the cardiologist at the Quakertown animal hospital and the latest doctor visits have been with my daughter to Woodlands Healing.
      With my kittens I let other people pick and I kept the one that was left with no home. I couldn’t have picked between them. I really wanted to keep them all.
      You should totally blog about the cats.

  19. Julia, I do the same thing in my neighborhood. There are so many irresponsible pet owners. Thank you for your compassion. I only wish there were more people like you. Sadly, there are lots of very mean people who mistreat animals and other people. Keep up the good work. You will be rewarded.

    1. It’s such a stressful and upsetting subject and I’m so glad there are people like you who step up. Thank you!

  20. Nothing but love from me. I work with a rescue and see the devastation that over breeding can do. How kind are you to use your own time and money to help the whole neighborhood? Wish the world had more “Julia’s”.

  21. Thank you for doing what you do, and for the very complete and sensible explantation. I live in a big box in the sky and am very allergic to cats, so all this information is new to me. I hope your neighbors realize you are truly helping the situation.

    1. Thanks Arli, it would really be nice if they’d realize that.

  22. Bless you, for doing what you are doing. I have a neighbor behaves like some of yours. Unbelievable behavior. In the county where I live the cats who are TNR are protected by a law. I am so grateful to live in a community that respects and cares for abandoned cats and dogs.

    1. Oh how wonderful is that, that they are protected by law. It’s strange how much my perception of some people who I have known for a while has changed completely because of this subject.

  23. You and I have exchanged comments on Instagram so you know that I fully support your work and you should be applauded! Haters are going to hate but keep doing what you are doing. The statistics are staggering at the number of kittens that an come from just one set of cat parents. I work with dog rescue and we are their only voice. We are all that they have. I think you rock!

    1. Yes Susan, we talked about Beth Stern 🙂 I love dogs just as much and it’s wonderful that you work in dog rescue. I’d love to have a dog too but cats are much easier for our busy lifestyle.

  24. Thank you, Julia. You are a kind and compassionate person for helping these scared homeless cats. We live in the country and are always finding strays. Or should I say…the strays find us. I always tell my husband “We will find this cat a good home” And we always have. With us! Proud crazy cat girl to 7 cats!!

    1. Oh that is so wonderful that you kept them.
      I’m a proud crazy cat girl too 🙂

  25. Julia you are so kind hearted and I’m glad there are people like you in this world. We don’t have an issue with feral cats where we live, but this is so interesting about neutering the dominant males to try to control the population, it all makes great sense and what a worthy way to spend your time and resources taking care of animals you care so much about, and helping your community in the meantime (even if not all your neighbors agree or are kind about it!) You are doing such a good thing!!!

    1. Thanks Lisa! I’m hoping to neuter them all not just the dominant males, so there won’t be any chance for more kittens. It’s just so hard to catch them all.

  26. Love this post! I wish more people would do this. Great share.

  27. This is a very informative post and as a cat lover, thank you for taking time from your own family and pets to do this for the kitties and your community. I was wondering about the clipped ear to signify a cat that has been through the TNR process. There is a kitty at my local Humane Society with a clipped ear I am interested in and I was thinking she probably went through TNR, but showed that she could be adopted. She’s a torti like the stray I rescued and loved for 12 years. I have a suspicion that this breed are highly people friendly, stray or not.

    But I digress, I just wanted to write you a short note supporting you and recognizing your efforts! Keep up the good work!

    1. Hi Shanda, my neighbor has a pet cat with a clipped ear too. It doesn’t mean that they are feral cats and unadoptable if their ears are clipped. Maybe someone dumped her and other people just caught her, neutered her through TNR and returned her again. That’s exactly what I’m trying to avoid. If I ever come across a cat that is friendly, I will make sure to not release it again and find it a home instead. Good luck, I hope that you and the little torti are a match 🙂

  28. Grace Sanford says:

    I applaud your efforts! I have never understood how human beings can treat poor, defenseless animals so badly. Thank you for being such a great person

    1. Thanks Grace, I don’t understand it either

  29. when you do good, sometimes people will and can get mean. you are an angel for doing this. i know the cats are grateful.

  30. Love that you’re doing this! And, yes, people can really be terrible sometimes 🙁

    1. Thanks Gretchen. And I found out over the weekend that there are some awful neighbors that have been trapping the cats too and taking it upon themselves to dump them in the woods in the mountains. I really can say I hate people and how selfish they are just because they say they don’t like cats. They wouldn’t do this with stray dogs!
      Their narrow mindedness might fool them into thinking that they aren’t actually hurting the cats but this is a slow death sentence to those cats.
      I’m just so angry and upset about this.

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