1. you are such a good person to be taking care of them like that!!! they are lucky to have you and your work with them is so worth it!

    1. Thanks my friend. I’m ready to get some sleep again. I was up all night long again yesterday.

  2. Awww, they’re soooooo cute!!! Bottle-feeding kittens is exhausting indeed. I’m glad our four kittens don’t need that anymore and I get some more sleep again. It was so worth it though and I don’t mind all the work I still have. They are so sweet and make us laugh a lot every day. I just blogged about them. Have fun with your cute fur babies as long as they’re with you!

    1. I loved seeing the photos of your sweet kittens Julia. They are absolutely adorable

  3. Well my husband is the crazy cat daddy. We do the bottle babies and we could not do it with out him as he is the one who gets up in the night to feed them. Fostering is hard work but we love each and every one that passes though our lives.

    1. Yay for a man who does it as well. Let me tell you that my husband would never ever do it. He didn’t even get up for our own babies. It was all on me.

  4. Adopt, never shop for a pet

  5. Jeannette says:

    My sister is the “crazy cat lady” (& birds, & goats, & chickens). She & I go on a little vacation each year & we’ve taken kittens & baby birds with us, setting up a little nursery in the hotel bathrooms, planning our shopping & other activities around the babies needs. There is no feeling like watching a bird that you’ve hand-fed eventually fly off to live a normal bird life, or giving a kitten to its forever home. It takes a special person to do that for God’s creatures who are so small & helpless, & I am thankful that there are people like you & my sister who do that.

    1. Bless your sister, it’s so sweet that you guys plan your vacation around the sweet little ones as well.

  6. caroline nolazco says:

    you are living my dream! even if its an exhausting and poop filled one. I also didnt know how hard it was or that they were put down so easily. Ive followed kitten lady for quite some time now and with my medical background I think it’s a perfect fit for me. Just have to wait until I’m settled down in my own place! LOVE to see you doing this!

    1. Yes, with your background it’s perfect Caroline! It would be so great if you could do it.

  7. Love the photos! It’s so great to watch them growing up–although it’s probably more fun to me watch by reading about it here instead of being the one who actually has to do all the work ;).

    1. Ha, you are right about that

  8. Oh you are such a GOOD kitty mama and yes, it sounds like a tremendous amount of work. But those sweet faces… goodness. I can understand how hard it will be having to give them up! I’ve loved Kitten Lady for a while now, she does amazing work and you right now are doing amazing work xxx

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