1. You may want to consider fostering. You love cats and this way you can have a house full that the rescue pays for food and vet bills. We foster and have for 3 years.

    1. Hi Linda, I have thought about it. One of the reasons I always decide not to is how dominant my cats are. It was awful when we adopted Anthony. And now Walter and Willy fight a lot which I don’t think would be a good thing for other kitties. My two males just aren’t really tolerant of sharing their territory. Willy is so aggressive when he just sees another cat in his yard and lets it out on everyone else.

  2. Very good information. I don’t have pet insurance for my 3 but do have AAA so will check it out. I tend to get ‘kitten fever’ when I see the little ones and want to bring them home!! But then they grow up and aren’t kittens anymore! I’m getting around this by volunteering at a rescue by socializing cats and kittens for adoption.

    1. That is wonderful Donna!I know kitten fever very well. My daughter and I get it often 😉

  3. Thank you for posting about this. I have always wondered about Pet Health Insurance, but never investigated it. I recently adopted a kitten that ended up with pneumonia and needless to say, that set us back hundreds of dollars unexpectedly and, like your husband, mine doesnt always agree on the course of action to take with a sick kitty. I will be checking into this further and I am a AAA member, so thank you again! (P.S. my kitty is doing good now!)

    1. Oh I’m so glad that your baby is doing well now. Insurance definitely eases my mind. Make sure you check with the insurance if the case of pneumonia is considered a preexisting condition for whatever reason. I’m sure Walter’s slice of pizza will be tried as a loophole one day down the road by the insurance. Just thinking about it makes me mad LOL

  4. Thanks, Julia for all the helpful information. I agree with you abut dental cleaning costs. So important and so terribly expensive. I recently adopted a 10 year old cat, and he was in desperate need f a cleaning. Had to have 14 teeth removed @ over $1000. I know he was in pain so I had to take care of it, but it is a difficult choice. My two little pups are also in constant need of some vet procedure. They’re too old for insurance now, but I will look in to it for future pets. Wish it would cover dental thought. Thanks again for you pet posts!

    1. Wow, 14 teeth! Bless you, for making him more comfortable! I think that would have been over 2K at my vet 🙁 And it is sad that the prices are always increasing too.

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