1. Thanks Cassie, I try my best to be a good cat mommy

  1. Kathleen Tweed says:

    Julia, I can’t tell you how timely this post is for me! I have five cats at home, 1 here at work and nine that I take care of. I guess I would have to say those nine are mine too! About three years ago a neighbor moved out of her house and left one dog and nine cats – none of them spayed or neutered. Anyway, we trapped all of them and had them spayed and neutered. Butter, the dog, lives at our house now. However, the nine cats are still on my neighbors property (she never returned) but we feed and care for all of them daily. Trust me, they are where they want to be – they have three acres to roam and have plenty of shelter. But between all the animals I am constantly cleaning one mess or another so this post is so helpful. Plus Skout’s Honor sounds like a wonderful company. I will place an order with them today! If you recommend it I want it!!!! Thanks so much!

    1. Oh my goodness. What a jerk just leaves their animals behind? So many times I can’t stand people or understand them. That is so upsetting. And thanks so much for being an amazing person and being there for them. We need more people like you. I hope you like the products too.

  2. It is so heartbreaking watching our kitties grow older but I would gladly do it all over again for each one that is no longer with me. I only have one cat now and that is because his owner moved without him. He is elderly but healthy. I will need to look into Skouts Honor.

    1. It makes me so sad when owners move without their pets. I simply just don’t get it. Thanks for taking care of him.

  3. Traurig.
    Meine Tacoli ist letzten Sommer gestorben. SIe war 22 Jahre alt.
    Man muss weinen, heute noch kommen mir die Traenen.
    Mein Mitgefuehl!

    1. Danke Sabine, ich habe heute ihre Asche abgeholt und es war schlimm. Es ist auch ein Lebensabschnitt der für mich und mein Mann zu Ende ist und as ist nie einfach. Vielen Dank und so sorry for your loss too.

  4. I have two indoor cats, and at one time had a TNR’d colony of 10 ferals outside. I am now down to only 3 outside, and they live in a heated house on our deck and are fed and watered numerous times per day. My one indoor cat, though, is nearing the end, I fear. He is 18 years old and has become more and more un-housebroken. It’s been a problem, and he has actually ruined some things, but I will care for him to the very end. We have had him since my husband found him in a field near his office, only a few days old (barely had his eyes open) and was probably the discarded runt of a feral litter. I can’t imagine our house without him, but I will be thankful for all the years we have shared. Anyway, thank you for the cleaning products. I am always looking for something good!

    1. Oh you are wonderful for caring for him. You should really consider using diapers if he is having problems. It really helped me more than anything. So much less stress involved.

  5. Awww! You are such a wonderful pet mom – I’m facing very similar challenges with my Abby who will be 17 this year. The pee around the litter box is sadly, super familiar to me. I have to confine her in the bathroom at night (with her heated cat bed) so the mess is easier to clean up, and I use puppy pads underneath the cat box to catch most of it, hopefully! I’m definitely going to look into these cleaners, especially the odor destroyer!

  6. I love cats and I don’t think a person could ever have too many! Due to a cat population explosion in my old neighborhood, I had 22 cats. They’re all gone now due to illness and old age. My dear husband closed in our patio with chicken wire so they’d have a safe place to be. I miss them everyday. I only have two now and have to keep it at that! They’re such beloved friends.

    1. We have to keep it to a lower number of 3-4 just because we can’t afford it. How did you handle 22 cats!?!? I don’t think you can have too many cats either LOL. I’m a full blown crazy cat lady. I love when you feed them and they all come running or when they pile on top of you when you sit down. Hope your two beloved friends will be around for a long time.

  7. Hi. Just spending a little time getting caught up on your sweet kitties. I had a a hard time last year losing 2 of my own cats. But I just wanted to say again, I adore how much you love your cats and how you show your love by taking such good care of them. It’s can be hard and painful to love that much but oh so very much worth it isn’t it?

    1. Oh Sarah I’m so sorry for the loss of two. That had to have been hard. But I agree that it is totally worth it. They make my day to day life so much better.

  8. These are all great tips. I’ve had a 19 year old and a 22 year old and now our Baley(born in a bale stack that became our home), is now 17. She’s taking insulin twice daily, prednisone and an antibiotic to help with some gut bacteria. She eats temptations and lickable cat food for senior cats (delectables). I use baby change pads on the floor in her room and just do a quick cold water laundry to clean them, I rotate through about 7 of them in different sizes. Learned that from our 22 year old, Monty. Anyway I appreciate your thoughts on elderly cat care, it is a privilege to support them through to the end. I wondered if you had considered bottle feeding and what would you use. I feel like it’s kinda full circle and if it’s something they would enjoy and give them comfort then why not.

    1. Yes, it’s definitely full circle. I have never thought about bottle-feeding them. I don’t think mine would have liked that. Bottle feeding my kittens was harder than I thought too. Delectables are definitely great for elderly cats too.

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