1. Corinna - TheBohoAbode says:

    Wow the new floors are really beautiful! I love the wide planks 😍 These new floors sound so much better than the old ones.

    1. Thanks Corinna! It’s such a difference!

  2. looking really good! You had me at “affordable”!

    1. Thanks, Ariel! We are super thrilled with it and the cats love it too

    1. Oh my gosh YES Meredith. It was a blast ripping out the old floor. So satisfying! And thank you!

  3. Michele Smollett says:

    Beautiful Julia! So happy for you! 🙂

    1. Hi Michele! How are you? And thanks so much we are thrilled

  4. Valarie Sanford says:

    Love,love,love – thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for looking Valarie

  5. Hi Julia –

    The floor looks amazing. The wider planks – swoon. 🙂 I bet you are loving the open flow of having the same flooring throughout now, too. It looks so open and airy. Nice break for you that you didn’t have to DIY the entire project yourself.

    1. Thanks Diane! Yes it was awesome to have had the help! I installed the upstairs bamboo but it was large areas and with transition strips. I knew I needed someone to help me figure this one out! Especially since I needed to put our main floor back together again faster then I did with the upstairs

  6. Looks good. We had something similar to this but I wasn’t brave enough to install myself. Looks great.

    1. Thanks Rosemary! I didn’t do it all myself this time and I’m glad I had the help

    2. Lynn Braucht says:

      Gorgeous floors!
      Can you install these over tile floors after a skim coat over the tile for varying heights?

      1. Hi Lynn, I’m not sure and don’t want to tell you the wrong thing. That is a great question for the manufacturer though.

  7. Carol Wolff says:

    OMG! Looks great! Spacious!
    I had laminate once and hate the SOUND.

    in our current home we ran into Vinyl while shopping wood floors. Totally great bang for buck..almost can’t tell the difference.

    I was so happy you said you didn’t do the installation yourself…..so you CAN’T do EVERYTHING!!

    three thumbs up!

    1. Haha, nope I can’t do everything. And I agree the sound of laminate is super annoying

  8. I love it! We’re looking at vinyl plank flooring for our basement – I’m so over carpet and need something that’s easy to maintain with kids and pets! It looks fantastic!

    1. We have vinyl in our basement too and it works great but it’s not as pretty as this one.

  9. Julia your new floors are beautiful! Love the color, wide plank and especially the durability!

    1. Thank you so much Lisa. Hope you had a wonderful Easter weekend.

  10. Lee Hernandez says:

    I like the new floor. Because it isn’t high shine, it actually looks almost velvety. I also like your choice of colors. With black and white as your “theme’, any other colors look nice as the accents. I would have never thought of this color scheme, but you have made it look so crisp and clean. Your family area looks comfy and inviting. I guess I had the idea that black and white would just make a cold look. Not so for you!

    1. I think that black and white can definitely look cold when the setting is too modern and minimalistic. I like throwing some natural elements in and they warm everything up.

  11. Big Heart Eyes. It looks so good. I love the color too!

    I remodeled my 1955 kitchen, but we left the floor I installed about 6 years ago. It’s a laminate cork. It has scratches and has not held up well. This flooring would look perfect in my kitchen. Maybe in a couple years I can replace it.

    1. Thank you and yes I’m sure it would look and work awesome in your kitchen.

  12. Wowzers! Looks so great. And thank you for the detailed tutorial

  13. These look amazing Julia! I’ve never heard of Karndean flooring before. I love that it’s kid and pet friendly. I’ll have to look into these, as I’d like to replace the carpeting with wood floors in our bedrooms. Great tutorial!

    1. Thanks Rebecca, I had never heard of them either until I found them online and fell in love. I wish I had this floor in our bedrooms too but we have the bamboo which is driving me a tad bit crazy.

  14. The floors are beautiful! I love that they look like real wood without the maintenance and they are super pet friendly!

    1. Thanks Kelly! I’m in love

  15. it looks so beautiful and i think it was the perfect choice! i love the soft flow it seems to create in your home.

    1. Thanks Cassie, I didn’t expect it to have such a big impact on how our house looks and I love it.

  16. Wow, your new floors are gorgeous! I love that they transition so well from room to room!

    1. Thank you so much Eileen!

  17. Your new floor looks amazing , you did a great job installing the floor.

    1. Thanks Sonya, I should say my friends did the great job installing it.

  18. The colour of these floors is gorgeous. We did our basement in a tile and I don’t like how it turned out. These floors look great and I love that they are waterproof.

    1. Thanks Leanna, I have vinyl in our basement too but it isn’t as pretty as this one and the planks were glued together and are separating now which is driving me crazy

    2. Hi! I installed these floors after seeing them on your blog. What color are your cabinets painted? Looking for a color to go on my bathroom cabinets!

  19. aussiebushgirl says:

    What a brilliant transformation! It’s definitely raised your lower floor to a new level. What intrigues me though is why you need to trim the bottom of the base boards? This is something I haven’t seen before. Our base boards (known here as skirting boards) sit directly on the floorboards, but perhaps it all comes down to the type of flooring used? I’m all for having wider planks, and they definitely suit your space. Great job, Julia! x heather

    1. Hi there Heather, yes you can rip up the larger baseboards and reattach them to sit right on top. These quarter round strips are used here in the US so you don’t have to do that. It’s the standard way to do it here.

      1. aussiebushgirl says:

        Thanks Julia! It’s always refreshing to compare notes.

        I see from a comment below that the vinyl planks can be fitted directly over the top of existing tiles. Wow, that’s good to know! We’ve just purchased a house interstate (still to relocate), and before we throw ourselves into a full renovation of the existing extension in the house, this would be a perfect solution to cover the dreadful tiles in the kitchen! Thanks for the inspiration. x heather

        1. Yes! That floor can be installed over all kinds of existing hard surface floors. It would be perfect for your kitchen. Congrats on the purchase and good luck with the move.

      2. What is the flooring color?

        1. It is Texas White Ash. I linked to the exact one on their website in the blog post.

  20. Oh my goodness, they’re gorgeous!!! Love the transformation.

    1. Thanks so much Meredith!

  21. Wow! Your new flooring looks amazing! I love the color, texture, and wide planks. You have me thinking about where I could add this flooring to my home. Pinned!

  22. Congrats, Julia! Your new flooring is so beautiful! I would love new flooring in our home – we have laminate tile and carpeting.

    1. Hi there Lauren! How are you? Thanks so much, I’m so glad that I got to trade in our laminate!

  23. The floor looks fabulous! I can see why you went with this! Looks wonderful, and what a great product! I will keep it in mind as we get around to changing out the floor in our condominium!

  24. I love it so much. I think this is the type of vinyl we used on our kitchen over our tiles. That was a huge time saver. Great job .

    1. Hi Lucy! Hope you are well and had a wonderful Easter weekend. Yes this floor can be installed right over tile, so that’s probably what it is. I love it so much. Have a great week!

  25. Hi, your home looks beautiful with this floor. We can’t decide between this finish and Canadian oak, the only thing putting us off the Texas white ash is the variation in the colour of the planks; some look very dark and others very pale. What are your thoughts? Over a large area does this not look fussy? Thanks!

    1. At first, when I saw the variations, I got scared but when it was all finished, I loved it. I think it comes across pretty well in the photos. I love the added texture but I’m not sure what look you are going for.

      1. Thank you! It’s good to hear you had the same concerns but love the finished look. The photos look fab! We’re going for a bit of a scandi vibe as we have mid century furniture but live in a 1930s period home so think the white will be a neutral background. Thanks for your thoughts!

        1. Oh yes, this floor is perfect for a scandi look.

    2. Oh and I’m usually not a big fan of oak wood which is another reason I picked the white ash.

    1. Thanks Stephanie, we love it so much!

    2. HI there:) Absolutely agree the floors are beautiful! I have been looking to do our floors throughout the entire house with Karndean.. just having a hard time locking down which one.. I hope it comes out as nice as yours!

      1. Good luck Diane, all their colors are beautiful so I don’t think you can go wrong.

  26. Oh my goodness, that flooring is gorgeous!! What a lovely choice, it perfectly complements your style too! I hard vinyl wood plank flooring from another brand installed in my home a few years ago and they have held up great. We get a professional wood floor cleaning once a year and that really helps keep them looking great.

  27. Debs Murch says:

    Hi please can you tell me the shade of floor you chose

    1. It’s the Texas White Ash, there is a direct link to it in my blog post.

  28. Hi!! We have decided to do our floors in a similar color! Can I ask what you used for the paint color on your island ? Thanks!

  29. Hi there! I am thinking about getting Texas white ash for my new home. Can you provide the pricing per sqft?

    1. Hi Joy, I’m sorry but I can’t. This was several years ago and the pricing isn’t the same anymore. Also, the pricing varies depending on where you live. The manufacturer should be able to give you the correct answer to your question.

  30. Hi,
    We put down Texas White Ash because of your post and love it! We are also taking down our high wall in the kitchen. Can you tell me the size of the overhang of the bench from the now low wall? We have a very similar setup with the wall and don’t want to make the bench too narrow that it is uncomfortable to sit at. Thanks, Terena

    1. Hi Terena, I’m so glad you love the floor too! It really is great. Our overhang is only 9 inches because we don’t have a lot of room, so we didn’t need support brackets. We feel it is comfortable though. I hope that helps and good luck.

  31. Thanks for posting this, we are currently trying to find a vinyl plank in a color we like and without a bevel between the boards which is surprisingly hard to find. How are the floors holding up now that it has been a few years?

    1. Hi Jessica, it’s holding up great and we still love it. No regrets! Good luck

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