1. I know! It’s crazy what kind of a difference hues and undertones can make.

  1. Forgot how beautiful your new floors were.

    1. Thank you Susan. We are so happy with the floors

  2. Debbie Yaeger says:

    Thank you so much! This was really so helpful!

    1. Oh good, I’m glad. Then it was worth the work to put it together 😉

  3. Hi! How did you get full size planks of samples? We are leaning towards Texas White Ash but the sample they sent is so tiny! I’d love a full plank to see the details. Thanks! It looks so beautiful in your home!

    1. Hi Molly, I had the idea for this blogpost because I kept getting questions. So I emailed the company and they liked the idea of writing this blog post and sent me the bigger plank samples.

  4. Hi! This post was super helpful. Can you please provide a link for the Vanilla oak vinyl floors? I can’t seem to find it on there site.

    1. Hi there, I updated all the links in my blogpost and they should be going to the right colors.

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