1. such a great tutorial! i cannot wait to see that bathroom all done- it is looking SOOOOOO good!

  2. What a great tool! Thanks so much for sharing. I’m pinning this to my board for my next molding project. Thanks for stopping by the blog friend and it’s so much fun to be on the spring tour with you.

    Happy day!

    1. You stated you nailed to wall. I can understand the width hitting a stud But how did you adhere the sides of the frame on the wall. I can’t believe you have studs at the exact spot you needed. And nails into dry wall become loose or move.

      Could you explain

      1. Hi Robert, great question. Nope I don’t have studs in the exact locations needed. In those areas I added two nails into opposite directions, almost like an x-shape. It keeps the molding in place even in drywall. Whenever there is a stud, I nail it into the stud of course. I have had it for several years with no issues. Worked perfectly!

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