1. Love your kitchen and I love your new family member even more! I had a black tomcat named Oscar for 16 years. He was the love of my life. 🙂 Can’t wait to see more pictures of both him and Willy!

    1. Thanks Alison. This little guy is very special too and love the name Oscar.

  2. I like the new colour. Its a perfect shade of green. This post gives me ideas. Thanks again for sharing. Congrats on your new addition!

    1. Thank you Tammara! I love that it is giving you ideas.

    1. Thank you Diane.
      It was a lot of work but so worth it.

  3. I love Norman and the pics of him are great!! The kitchen isn’t bad either!!

    1. Haha, thanks Judi! Cat photos are always better than kitchen photos 😉

    1. Oh love that and thank you

  4. I love the kitchen and the cat! I just finished painting my master bathroom vanity so I am looking forward to what tips you discovered before I tackle the kitchen.

    1. Oh nice! What color did you paint it?

      1. I did it in white. The guest bath was painted in charcoal so I wanted something different from that.

  5. LOVE IT! What a beautiful transformation. It looks custom. Jotting down the color for future reference. And your kitty is precious. His eyes match the cabs!

    1. Thanks, yes he has such a unique eye color. I’m not even sure what it is.

  6. I absolutely love it. That is the perfect shade of green and so perfect with your dining area. It looks amazing. Great job.

    1. Thank you so much Marty!

  7. Love how you’ve made the space more accommodating for your family.

    I can see where a different family might like the half wall – it keeps some of the mess in the kitchen out of view when entertaining. I have seen homes that have a bar height breakfast bar to accomplish hiding the mess while still increasing the eating area. Personally, I would prefer the openness of your set up.

    PS I miss having kitties. It’s just not something I can tackle right now so seeing pics of yours is super awesome!

    1. Thank you!
      I really dislike the breakfast bar counters too. It usually invites people to leave their messes and to accumulate clutter instead of finding a space for it. Another reason I dislike a half wall or breakfast counter is because you can’t see the people sitting at the table behind it. With an open counter, I can engage with the people at the table as well. But there are people who rather are enclosed and even half a kitchen that isn’t open at all and where you can close the door 😉

  8. Jen Biggs says:

    As always, you did a beautiful job with the kitchen update!!!! The color looks great and somehow changes the whole look! Looking forward to your painting tips, Julia!

  9. Love the kitchen! You took down the animal plates! I now have some of those in my kitchen because of seeing them on your blog. One of my kids broke two of my plates by accident one day, I was so mad! I’ll buy yours if you ever put them in your Etsy shop, let me know.
    Your new family member is adorable, I love the name Norman.

    1. Thanks Mary, the plates aren’t all down, I should have taken a picture of the little wall where I have my antique marble table in the kitchen. All my favorite cat plates are still hanging there. The reason I took them down on that wall by the fridge is that we bought a new fridge and the handles are huge and bang into the wall when open. I couldn’t hang them the way I had them before and a different configuration just looked really strange. I still love my plates 🙂

  10. Walton/Norman’s eyes match your new cabinet color! He’s so handsome. Love the changes you’ve made in here Julia! It looks so pretty!

  11. please do a tutorial on how you attach the rings and do The black fringe on that wall hanging! I love it so much ! I love DIYs. I’m going to start a blog soon and I just love your Instagram for inspiration♡

    1. Hi Amber, I was debating a tutorial but feel really icky about doing it since it isn’t my idea and the artist who makes them would probably not be so happy about it. It’s not my idea! Not sure how I should approach this without making anyone angry. On the other hand macrame, weavings and dream catchers are everywhere and all very similar. Not sure what to do 🙁

  12. Dorenda Dyal says:

    Your kitchen is absolutely stunning. You did a fantastic job. I also have a black cat named Maxwell Grayson.

    1. Dorenda Dyal says:

      PS: Also meant to mention that the wall weaving is spectacular. You do such fantastic pieces of art.

    2. Hi Dorenda, thank you and love the name of your kitty!

    1. Thanks Ashley, I should have done it much sooner 😉

  13. Where is that gorgeous dining room fixture from??

    1. I totally forgot to mention that! It is from Dutton & Brown

  14. Lee Hernandez says:

    I’m glad to see the new look. I want to know what finish of paint you chose; is it satin? It is really pretty. I, too, find myself using the colors that were in my parent’s home growing up! I swore I wouldn’t, but I did! Cute kitten; I had a cousin named Norman Nelson. My dad would joke that that was a lot of “n’s”!

    1. I used an eggshell actually.
      Love the name Norman Nelson 😉

  15. Kimberly Carnegie Bruhn says:

    That shade of green makes your kitchen look so different…the power of paint strikes again!
    Love your black kitty…ours is named Tiger (it’s a long story) and she is very sensitive and loves to sniff us…I think it’s her love language! Our shelter here in Southern Oregon says black cats are the hardest for them to re-home…but I’ve always found them so strikingly beautiful!

    1. Mine love to sniff us too 😉 And yes, black cats are generally harder to adopt out which is a reason that I chose a black kitty. There were so many black cats and I wanted them all.

  16. Love that shade of green! Looks great! What a handsome fella, he looks so relaxed and confident. I’m sure he will fit right in.

    1. Thanks Donna,
      He is already fitting in very well. He is pretty confident but is scared when my kid’s friends come over. He isn’t used to a hoard of loud teenagers since his foster mom lived alone with her kitties.
      Hopefully, he will get used to when friends come over. He does love my daughter though and loves being in her room and snuggling in bed with her. She is thrilled since none of the others do.

  17. Maria Yepez says:

    Looks really beautiful Julia, magazine worthy, Your new kitty is so adorable!

  18. aussiebushgirl says:

    Well done Julia! You have lifted your kitchen to a new and awesome level. The sage is a perfect fit and a stunning addition to the lower kitchen cabs! Awesome. I’m loving your newest little man, so maybe as a nod to his roots, how does “George” sound? But Norm is cute too. Have fun with him, and I hope he brings much joy to you and your family. xo heather

  19. aussiebushgirl says:

    I meant to ask whether you would be willing to do a tutorial on that beautiful weaving of yours? xo heather

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