1. I liked the before, but the mint is just gorgeous. I am having troubles with my puter and keep losing my comments when I try to post them…… so if I don’t comment or comment twice I hope you understand.

  2. Love it! My daughter’s room is the same color and it’s so bright and happy. Does the hubby still think you’re nuts or does he love it now? 😉

  3. So pretty and I love the plates. I have trying to find a place for some. I might be a plate hoarder.

  4. That’s a really pretty color! It’s similar to what I have in my sunroom, but a little more subtle, I think. And I always love a chance to gawk at your fabulous plate wall 🙂

  5. That color is gorgeous! I recently stopped by our local West Elm and saw a bunch of “your” plates!

  6. Minty fresh! (Has anyone said that yet?? 😉
    It looks beautiful, J! Just when I thought this space couldn’t get any better seriously.


  7. Love, love, love the new wall color – goes so well with everything else you’ve got going on in your kitchen. And I’m a sucker for a good plate wall – yours is fabulous!

  8. LOVE those plates! I’ve got to check that out. And I love that your kitchen appliances are white. I get tired of stainless steel. It’s cold-looking to me.

  9. Shoot dang girl! I love your freakin kitchen! The mint color is perfect. And the plates are unexpected but so awesome! I love the stylish whimsy they add to the space!

  10. Julia, your home is so beautiful. You take the best pictures and capture all of its beauty and charm. I love the plate wall and the new wall color is perfect!!

  11. I love the color! How on earth do you keep your kids (and hubby) from smashing those adorable plates to pieces with the refrigerator door handle? At my house they would be toast in a day! Where did you find the beautiful “Königreich Bayern” sign? I bin a Bayer:). The ones I normally see are too kitschy. Hope you are enjoying your trip home! I can’t wait to go back to visit my family, but with these prices that may have to wait a while! Viel Spaß!

    1. Hi Karin, you are right with the plates. It’s recently happened that one of the plates got smashed. Fortunately they were on sale and I got a new one pretty cheap. As a result I hung them a little different. Hope it works out better.
      The Bayern sign is a really heavy iron forged sign from the foundry my dad used to work in. And it was really hard to hang into the studs. My parents have several huge and heavy pieces like it. Love them and they make me think of home.

  12. That color is just perfect! That being said, I’m curious how things will take shape come Christmastime ; ]

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