1. Brilliant idea! Love the finished look too. Kudos!

  2. i am so very sorry about Anthony. I wonder how he passed? I know you did everything you could possibly do for him. You said he seemed happy to go back and be with his friends. I’m so glad for that. Bless his little soul in heaven. We will all be reunited with our precious four legged babies in heaven one day.

  3. You always impress me,especially with your skills…the ones I wish MY husband had!
    Did you learn this at your fathers knee?
    Is your husband as handy as you?
    Does he think it’s sexy you know the difference between your drill bits?

    1. Hi Carol, you are making me giggle.
      I learned to be handy because I had to since my husband isn’t handy at all.
      But I don’t think that he thinks it is sexy LOL.

    2. I love the color of your sofa fabric.

      1. Thank you! I do too and painted my kitchen cabinets in that color 😉

  4. I left you a message about the 2019 Spring Home Tour Get back to me asap please.

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