1. My dining room is small….9 x9. I would love to switch out my antique mahogany table for a round one. But, it opens up to a 10 ft table with all the leaves in it.

    I never realized your dining room was attached to the kitchen, in my mind I thought it was on the other side of the living room. I love the painting you hung.

    1. Oh wow, I always thought that people knew that it was attached to the kitchen.

  2. beautiful! I have a glass table as well and it is a pain to keep it clean so great that you switched it out. I really like your new dining room set up BUT I think I prefer your old stools because you beautified them yourself.

    1. Thanks MJ, I like these stools so much better. Not only the look but that they are so much more comfortable that the hard wooden seat.

      1. well if they are much more comfortable, that is a different story. Yes I agree that hard wooden seats aren’t that great for bottoms that aren’t very well cushioned like my own! LOL

  3. Julia it’s gorgeous!

    I love to look at beutiful things, your blog is always my go to. Cheers me up and distracts me in a way I need sometimes. Thank you!

  4. Julia! Your new kitchen makeover is so amazing! Everything looks so gorgeous. Great job on painting the cainbets too! Love it all.

  5. Also, da hast du großartige Arbeit geleistet. Sieht fantastisch aus!! Love it!!

  6. The makeover looks awesome. You put a lot of time and effort into this and it shows. It looks like such a happy place.

    1. Thank you so much Betty

  7. Christina says:

    Hi – I’ve been following your blog for years (love it!) and was hoping to get some cat-lady advice from you. For years now my cat has been peeing on the wall – sometimes I can deter her. Lately it’s several times a day and now sometimes even splatter number two. I suspect she is anxious/stressed, though I don’t know about what. We used to also have a little dog, and while she was alive, my cat had no issues. I’ve been debating getting her another friend, but I’m terrified that it’ll backfire and I’ll have twice the mess to clean up! She has several heated boxes, several litter boxes, gets play time, treats, catnip. The vet just told me to take her off grain-free food (though the previous one told me to use it!) and she’s getting bloodwork done now. She’s been on antibiotics (even though no infection was found) and steroids and they made no difference. If nothing shows up on the bloodwork, what are your thoughts on a type of anti-anxiety medication for a cat? I feel like the vet has no idea and just wants to explore around.

    1. Oh no…how stressful for everyone involved.
      I feel like the first thing the vet should have done is take a urine sample and bloodwork. Whenever my cats peed outside the box that was the first thing to rule out.
      Why would he give all these things without even knowing what is wrong?
      I’m sure getting another dog wouldn’t just solve the problem and might make it worse but you never know. Maybe your cat really is lonely. If it is behavioral maybe you could foster to adopt a cat or dog and then you would see if it works after a while or not.
      I have become a big fan of anti-anxiety meds for pets because they might be able to prevent a pet from ending up at the shelter. It takes several weeks for them to help though.

      There are two books that I read and love and that helped me. You can find them here: https://www.amazon.com/shop/influencer-d188fe57?listId=2NQEHUO6Z0ST1

  8. Love this so much! The chairs and the stools are my favorite. Or maybe the green in the kitchen. I’ve been contemplating painting my kitchen island a similar green….you’re making me want to go for it!

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