1. Ann Elferink says:

    We have a beautiful kitty named Romeo. We rescued him 3 years ago. I love my cat to bits but will not buy him a cat tower. I think they are so ugly and will interfere with my decor. Any suggestions Julia. He’s an outdoor cat so he does get some entertainment outseide the home. Thanks so much. I love that you love cats and are always taking them in and caring for them. You have a big heart.

    1. Hi Ann, I actually built my cat tower a long time ago myself before I blogged. And I built it out of a tree. It’s not as bad as some of the others for sale but still not really pretty. Maybe I should see if I can find some prettier ones 😉

  2. Cat lover here. Love how this is enclosed and tucked away but super easy for the owner to get to and clean out. Have to admit that right now my cat pretty much lives in the basement so his litter box is kind of out of plain sight but would love to figure out a way to do this if and when we ever get a cat who isn’t quite so shy of our dogs.

    1. I hope your kitty can get used to the dogs. We also have one box in the basement and several upstairs. This set up would be so much better.

  3. Scarlett Lewis says:

    You should say Bear with me rather than say Bare with me.

    Did you get paid to write this article?

    I knew that going into Jr. High.

    1. Hi Scarlett,

      Sometimes the way you phrase things to someone else can be hurtful. I grew up in Germany and in junior high I wasn’t even speaking English yet. This is my second language and I still do make mistakes while writing or speaking it. So yes when someone points it out the way you do, it hurts because I’ve tried my best to learn your language.

      And no I didn’t get paid for this post. I wrote it because I love the project my customer created.

      I’m sorry if my mistake offended you.


      1. Julia, as a native English speaker who has learned two foreign languages (including German, your mother tongue), and who is also an English teacher in Austria, I was offended on your behalf by the comment above. Every time I read your posts, I’m impressed by your ability to write so well in a second language. Believe me, I struggle daily with expressing myself in German and always appreciate the effort people all over the world make to learn my language.

    2. Anni Sutton says:

      Scarlet, most unfortunate you weren’t exposed to proper social graces. Your rude comment was out of place. The article was written for real people. I’m sure God will forgive her slight error.

    1. Thanks so much but this time it’s not my idea and the amazing idea of someone else. I’m glad they are letting me share this with you.

  4. That is an amazing idea. I wish my house were laid out so I could do something like this.

    1. I wish the the same thing. It would make my litter box cleaning a lot easier

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