1. It will be a foster at first I think

  1. Do you follow Kitten Lady on Facebook? She may have some resources for you.

    1. I follow the kittenxlady on Instagram and she has lots of helpful things also on YouTube

  2. I’m glad the sweet babies got rescued. I’m a bottle-feeding cat mom as well. Someone dropped off 4 about 10-14 days old kittens in front of our door on Good Friday. We can be happy that they didn’t get drowned or abandoned in the wilderness. Feeding them every 2 hours day and night was a bit exhausting. Thankfully I only have to get up once a night now. In the meanwhile, they all use the litter box and also eat canned kitten food besides the milk. Two of our three other cats are not so happy about the little ones but with the weather being so lovely, they are outside most of the day anyway. Our legs are scratched from the kittens climbing up on us. When we wear socks and jeans it’s not so bad but it’s a bit painful when you’re in your PJs. It’s a lot of fun having them around and we laugh a lot every day. Hopefully we’ll find good homes for them. I keep my fingers crossed that you’ll find a good place for your three little ones too. I’m sorry that you still have issues with Maya and that Lucy lost her appetite. I hope things will get better.

    1. Oh wow, 4 of them! How did you do it?!?! It will be hard to hand them over when we find someone

  3. Catherine says:

    You are so kind-hearted. But who could resist they are so sweet. Hope you find someone to foster them xx

  4. Too bad you are so far away. We do the bottle babies and our current batch will be ready to be adopted in the next couple of weeks.

  5. How sweet. They are so adorable. I love little kittens. You are so sweet and kind to take them in. Hoping you find them good homes.

  6. Kimberly Bruhn says:

    I’m so glad you saved them! I do love tuxedo kitties…if we lived closer (I’m in Oregon)!

  7. Oh how lucky you are – to enjoy these little bundles of sweetness! They may tear your hands up, but there is nothing more special than loving on baby kittens (I know, a little redundant). We’ve talked about getting another kitten for the one we adopted back in October – they need playmates. Thank you for taking care of them and placing them with the right folks if you can’t keep them as fosters.

  8. Francinne says:

    Enjoyed the kitten pictures. You have a big heart Julia.

  9. Michele Smith says:

    The world needs more Julia’s. You are an angel.

    1. Ugh my daughter keeps begging me already to keep one. But we are going away soon and I don’t know how my husband and then a pet sitter can handle the madness of everyone getting along. Maya hisses and spits at them.

  10. Awww! They are so adorable! They are lucky to have you and your big heart looking out for them, Julia! <3

  11. Being a foster is hard, especially with bottle-feed babies! It is a lot of dedication, time and hard work – but you’re raising well socialized littles to fit into their fur-ever homes! Maybe someone in a local rescue agency can help watch them for you while you’re away, and you can ask them help you screen their potential adopters. The rescue agency that I foster for here at home is very helpful with that. It will be hard to give them away, but always keep in mind that this is the healthiest and happiest path for everyone involved you, your family (including hubby and kitties!), the kittens and their new families! Keep the mindset that you’re just “babysitting” them, it helps with the transition!

    1. I’ve always admired people who fostered and have found an entire new level of admiration for people who rescue kittens now. It really is a huge time commitment and also money involved. They are the sweetest reward though and I’m trying to tell myself that I’m only babysitting. My daughter is begging to keep one already but since I travel a lot with the kids in the summer, I don’t see my husband managing another kitten in the family this year. Thanks for the pep talk. I really appreciate it

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