1. All this effort will be worth it when you look back. Anthony will eventually adjust, but I agree it can be very discouraging. I adopted a rescue Yorkie two years ago, and we are still struggling with several issues but the improvement has been amazing. Hang in there == you’re doing a great job.

    1. Thank you Ann. Maya worries me right now because she is being aggressive 🙁

  2. Julia, you are the best cat-mom ever! Thanks for giving your cats a safe place to be outdoors, and for adopting rescues. Bless you!

  3. The catio video is so awesome! Lucky cats! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Love the video….you are a wonderful cat mom:) Anthony will come around….he is a slow learner.

  5. I love your catio! What a great place to keep your cats safe. Very inspirational!
    Anthony will eventually get to enjoy the catio but he is definitely a shy boy. He’s lucky to have a safe home with people who care a great deal.

  6. I just love your catio! making one is on my very long list of someday projects. I hope poor Anthony starts to come out of his shell (and his crate!) soon 🙁

  7. Nicole Mayer says:

    das ist ja großartig für die Katzen, tolle Sache!

  8. What a beautiful and safe sanctuary you have created for you fur babies! They are so lucky to have you!

  9. Elizabeth Howe says:

    I adopted a rescue in 2006, I put her in the spare room wanting her to adjust to her new home and slowing introducing her to our other cats. I figured she’d be out in about in a Month. I was wrong, the sweet outgoing kitty from the rescue ran under the bed and stayed there for 3 mos. before she finally came out & cautiously sniffed me. During those months I always went in sat & talked to her several times a day , even if it was for 5 minutes. She would be looking out the windows, so I know she did come out. It took 2 more months before she would come out of the room. Kalani turned out to be the sweetest cat ever, talkative and when she talked or meowed it was”musical”. She graced us with her loving presence for 11 yrs. before we had to say goodbye because of cancer, those 5 mos. of patience were worth every minute. Good luck and please be patient with Anthony, he’ll reward you with his love. I love reading your blog! Thank you.

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