1. This is so funny, Julia! I just adore kitties. I installed two doggie doors in both sides of my yard on the fence panels so the kitties I care for can get in to my yard to use the heated shelters in the winter. They peep through those, since the doors are clear. I just love this idea!

    1. That is such a sweet idea to have heated shelters for them, Lori!

  2. Thanks, Julia! I try to do whatever I can to make their outdoor lives a little easier.

  3. Dorenda Dyal says:

    I live in Florida and would love to do a cat enclosure like you have. How do you prevent the A/C from escaping? I have 7 cats. Thanks for any advice you can give.

  4. I absolutely love this story. So funny to see the cat lounging while keeping an eye on the neighbourhood. What a great idea to add a fence peephole for any curious cat. Thanks for sharing!

  5. How adorable. Kitty can keep a watchful eye on her territory, and be safe. She certainly seems to enjoy her peep hole! I love good kitty parents.

  6. virginia valeson says:

    Love the peek hole idea. But I didn’t see how to do the fence topper. Iam looking for inexpensive way to do a fence topper, I have about 400ft to do.

    1. HI Virginia, the fence topper application depends on which brand/manufacturer you buy and what installation they recommend. There are some that I linkd to.

  7. Annie Berger says:

    The peephole and the cat are just darling! Really adorable! I love the lounge chair too! My green iguana used tosunbathe on top of an old van we were bringing back to glory slowly but i worried she would burn her belly sometimes so my SO put a hippie pillow up there on top of a beach towel with a sun umbrella and a margarita glass full of water… she loved it! She looked so proud and regal up there! People in the neighborhood got to know rosebud and they would stop to visit her and some even bobbed their heads back to her in greetings and they brought her flour tortillas warmed which she adored. Millions of pics in my old phone! She has gone to green iguana heaven now but she lived to 17 yrs with us. She taught us all something about love. I have no doubt she has donned her sombrero and is waiting for us to join her for a waterita and flour tortilla appetizer! Brunch of greens and veggies dahling theres sunshine in every day when you live with a loving pet! Thank you for your great posts and ideas and pics! My maine coone beastie boy keeps asking when he gets his catio! Prost! Love, A.B.

    1. Oh Annie, that is so cute. And I love the names of your pets too. Sorry for your loss. I know it’s hard.

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