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  1. Julia, I love your blog, usually I don’t comment though.
    I’d like to apply some of the ideas you have…the results are so nice. But I’m afraid, I don’t have any training, experience, etc, in decoration, just curiosity,maybe I can start painting furniture? so the procedure is, prime first and then paint? do I have to sand or not? I’m sorry if my question is too basic, but to be honest I have never tried to paint anything, not even a wall.
    Thank you for your time, effort and sharing what you do, it truly inspiring.

    1. Hi and don’t worry!
      You should give it a try. Yes sand any glossy surface before painting and use a tack cloth to wipe all the dust off the surface. You might want to use a degreaser like TSP or KrudCutter to get all the nasty sticky off. Make sure the surface is completely dry before priming. I use Kilz oil-based primer most of the time before I paint it.
      Hope that helps and you can email me any time 😉

    Did I say I Love it?

    BTW….I get so, so frustrated with the computer, pictures and trying to do things with them. I scream, throw things, including my glasses! MC does his best, comes to my rescue and saves the day! It drives me nuts he finds it so easy!!!! I am way too impatient!

  3. Well, you know I love a good navy, white & gold combo…and your dresser looks amazing. So classic with nice clean lines. As for the photos…I had a similar experience a while ago where the colour was all off. are you exporting from some sort of editing program? My issue was with the export settings, I was exporting as the wrong colour format (I think I had it set as Adobe RGB instead of SRGB, but I am not at my home computer to check Lightroom).

  4. Love it! I’m all about this blue right now…it’s like a perfect mix of cobalt and navy. Not sure about the photo editing, but I’ve run into problems before where when I make it web ready it’s like the color got stripped from the photo…super frustrating!

  5. Love it! The transformation is amazing! I think your photos are great too 🙂
    Lately I’ve noticed that I’ll have a picture perfectly edited, but then when I save it as a jpeg it looks fuzzy and “off”… I’ll have to try saving it as a png and see if it makes any difference… Photos are THE most time-consuming part of blogging and I so feel your frustration!

    1. Thanks!
      I have no clue what was wrong with the picks last night. They were blotchy and pixely. Terrible. And yes photos are so time consuming and if they aren’t good they can make any awesome project look like crap.

  6. it’s beautiful Julia! I really love the color you choose; I’m loving blue lately, well ever since you posted about blue sofas; I see them every where now & I want one too! 😉
    oh! no I can’t believe you had to paint it twice, it happened to me before, I didn’t feel like sanding the table again but I had to; your hard work was worth it! 🙂 & sorry about the pictures; so frustrating when that happens but I think they turned out pretty 🙂

  7. It looks so great now! Those before shots are just scary…you did a great job at making it look spiffy! Is this going in your son’s room? It looks like it would match the nightstand that you did for him.

    1. Nope, it’s not going into his room. It will be for sale 🙁 I can’t keep everything. BUt I love his color combo so much so I had to do it again. Only his was sparkly blue.

  8. ooh la la! I love it. I didn’t notice that the original knobs were different on each side, the way you painted it is so striking, I love it! Computers are like men, you can’t live with and you can’t live without them. lol

  9. Hallo Julia,
    Das so eine Überraschung ! Wir sind auch aus Lohr. Ich bin francözin, mein Mann Deutsch.Wir haben dort geheiratet und sind dann nach Amerika umgezogen. Ich liebe Lohr, Würzburg und Deutschland überhaupt.
    Ich liebe auch Deko und Cocoa Hearts. Ich male die auch selber, my cheap sie won LOL,!!!
    So eine kleine Welt !!!
    Das wäre toll wenn wir miteinander Telephonisten könnten !
    Das Blog ist ganz toll !!
    Liebe Grüße aus Toledo Ohio

    1. Hallo Catherine, ja was für eine kleine Welt!!! Cocoa Hearts hat es nicht so gut gefallen, dass ich die Selber gemalt habe, yikes 😉
      Zieht ihr irgendwann wieder zurück nach Deutschland? In welcher Kirche habt ihr denn geheiratet, oder keine Kirche? Bei uns war es di St. Michael’s Kirche.
      Bis bald, Julia

    1. Hi Tanya, no I didn’t spray paint the knobs. I was lucky enough that they were gorgeous already. Just needed some cleaning

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