1. I love this. It looks so great and soooooooooooooooooo expensive.

    1. Thanks Marty! And it was so cheap 😉

  2. wow, the mirror looks fantastic! You’ve inspired me, thank you!

    1. Oh I’m glad you are inspired. Thank you

  3. I just did this to my mirror. Thank you for the inspiration! I swear my room looks like it lost 10 lbs!

    1. LOL, I love that and am glad you like it.

  4. I am working on this now and struggling to get everything smooth! Already spent an hour and haven’t even finished 1 side yet! Trying again tomorrow I’m out of patience today. Wish me luck

    1. I’m sorry you are struggling, Jaclyn. So far everyone I know (including my sister-in-law) who’s done this makeover as well did fine. Hopefully, another day and attempt will make the difference. Good luck!

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