1. What a magical place! I guess silence ringing in the ears! Wonderfully! Hugs! 🙂

  2. Oh I loved all the pictures. Cute family ones too, that the kids will laugh at when they are grown. And am I the only one that thought of a big, snowflake when seeing the green door? I would seriously paint my front door with that design if it did not have a glass oval in the center of it. I have loved all the doors so far. I even have the very deep, dark forest green shutters on my windows (non functioning).

  3. I told my husband “we’re flying to Germany on our vacation this year”. He said “then get to bookin those flights”. Unfortunately, as much as he’d like to go to, it can’t happen this year. But for a moment we were both excited about our “trip”. lol

    1. Well then you should do it when you can but I know they are horribly expensive right now! I couldn’t do it if I wouldn’t be staying with my family.

  4. Woah…that water…it’s so clear and beautiful! I am loving all the photos of your trip and I’m also a fan of doors so keep the door pics coming! 😉 I’m so glad you all are having a blast and the family photos about made me spit out my coffee. Hilarious!

  5. Right? I know! I was thinking about painting my door like that for Christmas!

  6. I am really enjoying all your posts about Germany. Your photos are amazing.

  7. What lovely, photos. Thanks for sharing! I always wonder what it would be like to be the people we encounter when we travel, like that family who lives on the lake. That’s one of the great things about traveling—being able to step outside yourself : ]

  8. Those family pictures are hilarious!! I feel bad for Noah getting shoved out lol.

    The rest of your pictures are amazing…makes me want to travel again!

  9. Lindsay at Life of Splendor says:

    Oh I wish I was there with you, Julia! Everything you post is so beautiful. I know y’all have to be having the most amazing time 🙂

  10. The lake is so gorgeous! It’ hard for me to imagine a lake pure enough to drink from, but I believe it just from the photos 🙂

    I also love all the beautiful door photos you’ve been posting! That “snowflake” one is a work of art.

  11. SO beautiful! I’m dreaming of traveling right now like you can’t believe!!

    I love your little stories too. They’re so interesting!

    Annie XO

  12. I like the pictures of the doors 🙂 (every time I’m obsessed with something, hubby gets annoyed too)ha!ha! 🙂 & you guys taking those pictures is funny too, we don’t have great family pictures with Nate because he cries when we try to hold him still! ah! 🙂
    & wow! it’s so beautiful there, love the pictures and nope I wouldn’t want to be those 2 families living there, I would be scared 🙂
    continue enjoy your time with your family! have fun! 🙂

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