1. AAhhh, more beautiful photos. Thank you. What a lovely place. I’ve always wondered about the name changes too. ?

  2. So gorgeous, Julia! I’m loving all the beautiful photos you’re sending our way.

  3. Your pictures are beautiful. I’m glad you’re having such a wonderful time.

  4. So beautiful there! you guys are so lucky! & glad to hear that your son and hubby take trips together (great way to bond with your kids) 🙂 glad to also see from these pictures you are having fun and I’m sure you can’t wait to take a brush and paint something or spray paint ha!ha! 🙂

  5. These places look incredible!! Your kids are going to remember these trips and places forever. What a cool experience for them! I love that your son and husband take a trip too! And yes, that is annoying that languages change the names! I totally agree. We adopted my son from a city they pronounce “oral” and we say “uralsk” seems kind of dumb, right?!?


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