1. everything is so beautiful! love those magical doors! we have one week to go til school starts and at 8 am my kids were already fighting and i was wishing that one week was done already. UGH.

  2. so beautiful Julia! Your precious children are so fortunate to be able to have such a rich experience.
    Have a wonderful week my friend~

  3. Yes, I love the history and wish my history teacher in school would have been better. It’s so sad to say that they bored me to death. Now I love history and wish they would have made it more interesting for us as kids 😉
    The columns are sandstone and that’s what gives them that dark color. Aren’t they cool?

  4. Thanks for another wonderful tour! Your kids are adorable!!!!!

  5. This post sort of cracked me up…the liked the toilet the best, the dancing, the fact that your son loves soup and would it eat it in the middle of the night! So funny. Glad you are having a good time!

  6. I’m loving your “tour” ! I will never get to experience these places and this is a treat!
    When we are kids, we don’t appreciate the history around us through school! You are opening your children to this history is a great way….
    Enjoy your trip this week…..

  7. Is there anyone else around??? You guys look like you are the only ones there! All that history is amazing and the kiddos are so cute…I love the shielding of the eyes from creepy paintings. lol! It looks so gorgeous there and I think it is pretty incredible that you are able to show your kids all of these almost magical places. If I was your daughter’s age, I would totally be wearing my ball gowns everywhere and pretending I was a princess! 😉

  8. you guys are so lucky to get to visit all these places 🙂 the chapel is beautiful 🙂
    I wish I could be visiting a castle too! instead I’m here trying to relax a bit while Nate is asleep (when I bring him to the park, he fights to not come back) 🙂 continue enjoy your beautiful vacation with your family Julia! 🙂

  9. Simply gorgeous! Your children are so lucky to be able to travel to see this beautiful area!

  10. I am no way tired of these beautiful pictures of your trip!! I thoroughly enjoy every last one of them. I will probably never go there in my life, so seeing through you is the best I will ever get. {I don’t like to travel} I noticed those white columns are dipped! How funny! The new trend isn’t so new after all. I love all the architecture of this beautiful place, you are so lucky to see it so often.

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