1. one of the things i like about your blog is you are NORMAL..your kids fight, you and hubs don’t always agree..everyone else in blogland seems to live a perfect life with perfect kids, except for maybe the one day a year when they do a posting about how the house is a mess.

    1. Haha thanks Carol. I get so annoyed when I sometimes see those happy family posts myself and then when we are bickering and fighting I wonder who else lives a life like ours where nothing appears to be perfect. My kids fighting drives me crazy.

  2. I never get tired of seeing castle pictures. Were the tourists more European or American?

    1. Glad you like it Ingrid. There was a good mix of all kinds of countries represented amongst the tourists. But I’d have to say that a lot of them were Dutch.

  3. I really enjoy these Germany posts. I’m half German and took a trip to see where my family came from (Husum) and travelled around a bit with my Dad and Grandmother many many years ago as teenager. Such a beautiful country. I would love to take my husband and kids there someday. My Dad speaks fluent German but I know nothing really. Do you think it would be challenging to get around or do most people speak English?

    1. Oh you should go visit again. Most people really do speak English. They are shy about it and don’t want to speak English but they certainly understand you 😉

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