1. that castle is breathtaking…. i love the photos of you and noa, too! love how into it you got! and wow that torture chamber- can you even imagine?!?!!

    1. It’s unimaginable! Noa loves getting spooked like that though.

  2. the pic of your son in the pot is hilarious! i love it!

    and YES to the pet series! I love it sooooo much!

    1. I’ll work on getting it back on track then!

  3. Beautiful. Glad your son was put in the gallows.????

  4. Beautiful pictures! I love how you and your son got into it all! Keep traveling… I love the pictures.

  5. Your son is so handsome! Know you’re enjoying your visit.

    1. Awww thanks, he’s the love of my life 😉

  6. Julia,
    Loved this post! So interesting! Loved seeing you and your son having a good time! Please bring the pet stories back! Love them so much!
    Lv, Kathleen

    1. Thanks Kathleen, I’m working on bringing them back! So glad you like it.

  7. That castle looks fabulous! When we were in Scotland, that’s all I wanted to do. I think we toured 9 castles and the ones that were just go at your own pace (no audio books, etc.) were always the best. Looks like you guys had a day full of memories.

    1. Exploring on your own is truly the best and so much fun.

  8. I’ve been to this castle, it’s really interesting.

    1. Totally agree, it’s interesting for sure.

    1. Thanks it was amazing and exhausting.

  9. so cool! Love all the pictures….now if only we could genius bars and fabulous medieval castles together in the same country, we’d be all set 😉

    1. Yeah that would be great. Just washed my iPhone too so I’m not having any lucky with devices right now.

  10. What an amazing place!! And I love the pics of you and your son – so funny 😉 Looks like a very good time was had by all 😀 xxx

    1. I love spending time with my little man 😉

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