1. I love your parents’ style! They have some hugely desirable pieces that are so exciting. You’ve definitely inherited their combined talent and eye for beauty. Wow. Have a wonderful visit and keep that camera rolling! mwah Hx

  2. Forgot to add…. You need to push your own talent, girl – that sketch of Franz is brilliant!!!!! 😀 I’m lost for words. Hx

    1. Aww thanks, I did that when I was a teenager and I don’t draw or sketch much anymore. Maybe I should!

  3. When I figure out how to translate a page, I’ll read all about your great grandfather. 🙂 My favorite things about the living room are the rug, which is gorgeous. The colors, oh my. And that view!!!! Thank you for showing a tour of your parents room. Very interesting and so different from the usual. 🙂

  4. Your family has got some talent! Love the home tour! And of course love the sketches of all the pups:) Your a great illustrator by the way:):)

    xo, amy

    1. Thanks and I hope she’ll get better soon. She has a bladder infection 🙁

  5. Wow! what an amazing home…I love how all of the things are each so unique but are still so cohesive. And that front door…it’s crazy beautiful. It also looks like they have a really nice view out the windows.

  6. Your parents home is absolutely lovely! The furnishings are beautiful and I love the arrangements. Are you familiar with Lindsay the blogger in Design School in Canada? She would die for those Foo Dogs! It is amazing that all those treasures survived the War. Your Grandmother was very smart! The ink well and feather pen…….amazing! And the View!!!!! AND… The front door is one of the most stunning doors I have ever seen! I could go on and on…
    Can’t wait for Snow White’s castle.

    1. The ink well was actually from my great-grandmother not my grandmother I had to fix that. And thanks Patty!

  7. Wow! Their house is stunning! I love to see other houses around the world and see how their culture influences their decorating. It is beautiful! Is this where your knack for decorating comes from?

    1. Maybe a knack for decorating yes, but my mom hates to DIY anything 😉

  8. I really like your parents’ house! And I totally have front door envy. When I was in Greece last month all of the front doors were awesome…makes me want to do something with ours, but we only have a 1950’s ranch, so it would probably look way out of place lol.

  9. amykristinteriors.com says:

    Sehr schön!! Thank you for sharing these. I hope all is well with your cat. Enjoy your remaining time in Deutschland. ~Amy~

    1. Bitte schön 😉 It turns out she has a bladder infection and I hope she’ll get better soon.

  10. What a great home! It’s totally a different style than yours, but I see where you got your design sense. They obviously take good care of their space. I think its really lovely! That door really is amazing and I think its so cute that they have sketches of the dogs. What a cute personal touch!

    1. Yes, it’s a different style than mine but my mom said if she’d be a little younger then she’d want some more fun colors in her home and I told her: “who cares”

    1. What a beautiful home! Your mom should leave those foo dogs put — they look great! Love the plate collection and the pics of your dogs is so sweet! What a totally fun tour!!! Wish I was in Germany right now — is it at least cooler than 103?!!

      XO, Aimee

    2. Thanks Aimee! It’s been hot here too but now it will cool down and we’ll have another couple of weeks of cooler, beautiful summer weather 😉

    1. Hallo Moni und das werde ich tun. Noch fast drei Wochen bis wir wieder in die Staaten müssen.
      Nächste Woche fahren wir in die Alpen. Freue mich schon!

  11. wow! you sketched your dog; you are one talented lady Julia (not kidding) and the house is beautiful, I loved everything about it; the big windows, the door, the furniture, the secretary at the corner of the living room is gorgeous (I want that piece) 🙂 thanks for showing us around, it’s very nice there and welcoming too! 🙂
    sorry to hear about Manx Heidi, I hope she will be well soon but like you said she must be missing you! hope it’s nothing serious

    1. Thanks Ingrid, I’ll tell my parents what you said 🙂 Heidi has a bladder infection. Her first one at age 17…the poor thing.

  12. Ummmm…wow! They had me at their front door! Are you kidding me??? It’s gorgeous! You just don’t see doors like that everyday. Such a fun mix of items and it’s totally right up my alley! Love all the eclectic touches and there is so much history in the photos. I was literally studying them…those plates and all those sketches…beautiful! I am also seriously impressed with your sketch! You are a natural! Well, I am so happy you are having a wonderful time and I am sorry that your cat is upset. I hope that he is just missing you and that is all it is! 🙁

    1. Thanks Jesse for the sweet words about my parents home! And I hope that my kitty will get better soon because she has a bladder infection 🙁

    1. Oh no, LOL I got 2 of the comments though. I have commenting issues all the time.
      Thanks for commenting 😉

  13. Such a fun post! I love love love their front door! And I can’t believe you sketched that dog, such talent!

    1. Thanks so much Bethany. Maybe I should start to sketch again!? I wish I’d have peace and quiet to concentrate on stuff like that 🙂
      I wish I could take the door with me!

  14. Oh I love this second floor room. I would love to have that exact room. I know picture windows are out here in Florida for some time now, but I adore them. Everything is gorgeous, carpet, furniture, built in shelves, everything.

  15. What a great place to call home. I love getting a glimpse into other peoples homes, especially in other parts of the world. They haves some pretty amazing pieces! I can’t believe you sketched that puppy! So good.

    1. Thanks Kristen. Maybe I should start to sketch again 😉 I haven’t done it in ages.

  16. Lindsay at Life of Splendor says:

    Wow, what a beautiful home your parents have! And I’m so jealous of going to Germany for a month! Have the best time 🙂

    1. I will tell my parents. They think this commenting thing is funny and why people would even look at their home on my blog LOL

  17. Oh Julia! These posts about Germany are SO charming!

    You’re making me want to go back to Germany (I was born in Lahr). I have childhood pictures that look so similar to the watchtower photos. I’m totally going to go back one day!

    Annie XO

  18. Such a lovely home… well cared for and collected over many years. so impressed:) That door is amazing.

  19. This is the second time I’ve read this post through. Absolutely love your parents’ style! I just want to shop their house. (And take the front door on my way out!) So lovely!

  20. Every post about your parents’ house makes me homesick (for their house). Please send everyone my love and seeing this makes me so much more motivated to get back to Lohr to visit!!

  21. I don’t think I ever commented on this post, but I had it saved – I loved getting to see your parents’ house! So many beautiful details! My favorites: the black and white front door, the plate collection, the milk closet (gorgeous, gorgeous antique wood!), and the drawing you did of your dog! Thanks for sharing photos 🙂

  22. Oh I love this! I lived in Germany (and Austria) years ago and miss it so much, so it’s fun to see a home-crashing post from there. I enjoyed seeing how your parents’ style has influenced your own. Their home is lovely! Thank you for sharing. 🙂

  23. What a fun house tour that was. I can sort of recognize a bit of your style influence here and there. Love the builtin- esp the area with all the logs. Would look amazing in white as well, I think 🙂

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