1. YES!! More photos please. That is the Germany I remember and love. Seriously, not to be rude but WHY would anyone who could live there, not choose to live there? If I could, I would move in a heartbeat! What our visits there showed me is that here in the US, in the name of progress, we have actually gone backwards. I am looking forward to seeing more of your hometown. You lucky girl. 🙂

    1. Anonymous says:

      I agree!!!!! I would also choose Germany over the US. Its just beautiful and and relaxed.

  2. Oh yes more pictures please! I miss Germany so much. If I could afford it I’d move back in a heartbeat. Funny how most Germans want to get away & Americans want to stay lol.

    1. Oh yeah please smuggle a cuckoo clock for me it’s the 1 thing I regret not getting before leaving lol. And real kindereggs my co-workers all want to see the toys inside lol

    2. We are obsessed with Kinderschokolade and the eggs too.
      And I didn’t really want to leave Germany, just my small town 😉

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  4. Your hometown looks so amazing! Thanks for the little tour. If I were ever there you’d probably never see me as I’d be behind my camera the whole time!

    1. I’m sure your photos would be much better than mine! Love how you take photos.

    1. I wish that we would have digital photos of our wedding and it makes me feel really old to say that it was pre-digital times LOL

  5. LOL, they sometimes do after they had some beers at the local beer fest which is going on right now, haha!

  6. Such a beautiful place to call home. I appreciate your photos so much. I hope to one day visit the place I was born and spend the first couple years of my life.

  7. Thanks for the photos! It looks like a beautiful little town. I was just reflecting on our summer thus far and am hoping my kids get to spend a few summers in Germany the way I did growing up (my mom is from Wurzburg). I could go for a couple scoops of eis right now!

  8. Your hometown looks straight out of a fairy tale! My kids were looking at some of the pictures and Henry said “hey that’s where Beauty & the Beast live!” lol! I hope you are having the best time!!! 😉

    1. Aww that’s so cute but I swear that’s what my daughter feels like at all times when she is here. She wants to wear long dresses and go to castles and it warms my heart to see her (and my son) appreciate it way more than I ever did!

  9. it’s beautiful there and so pretty where you got married, it looks like a movie set 🙂
    your second picture reminds me a little of the old Montreal over here (old Port), many of the streets have remained like this 🙂
    wish you a great week too Julia!

  10. Love your home town Julia! So full of charm thank you bunches for sharing all the gorgeous photos xoxo

  11. Oh Julia! These photos bring back such wonderful memories of my time in Germany. I’m so happy you shared them, thank you so much!!!

  12. amykristinteriors.com says:

    Just gorgeous!! Are you from northern or southern Germany? Either way, it’s just stunning. My husband is a legal alien (like yourself) from northern (he claims the large city of Muenster as his own, but is from a small village close by). The architecture is just mesmerizing and after looking at these photos I am craving the following: beer, chocolate, beer, chocolate, beer…Have a wonderful time sharing this special place mit deine kinder. I’m sure I butchered the German. 🙂

  13. I love European architecture! So much more history than the stuff we have over here. Have a great time over there!

  14. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos Julia! Seeing them brings back such amazing memories of our trip to Germany last August. I absolutely love it there and miss it so much. My husband’s head office is there so the potential for return visits is very promising.

  15. I love the photos and don’t worry so much about blogging while you are with your family for this short time. You can post them later, just enjoy the time you have there.

  16. Such a beautiful place, Julia! (Love all the photos!) What a wonderful opportunity for your children to visit and create some memories for themselves in your hometown.

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