1. Looks like a fun trip! Did you stay at hotels or B&Bs? Would you recommend any hotels in the areas you visited?

    1. Our hotel wasn’t the greatest and I unfortunately don’t have any recommendations. We never stay at B&Bs and always middle range hotels that offer breakfasts. I kind of wish we would have stayed at a different hotel this time around

  2. Catherine says:

    When some of the design blogs I follow deviate from their usual content I do find it irksome, but not in this instance. I think your son writes very well, he comes over as both intelligent and entertaining and it’s so refreshing that he enjoys sightseeing and food and isn’t just immersed in Pokemon Go!!! More such posts very welcome!

    1. Oh lord Pokemon Go! I think this is his favorite comment Catherine

  3. Mary Casper says:

    Dude, I love your posts! You definitely have a knack for writing like your mom. I am really impressed with all the different foods you try. I have picky eaters at my house and only 1 on and I will try anything new. Thanks for sharing all these pictures!

    1. I have a picky eater too and one who’s not. They both were raised the same! He loved your comment

  4. Rhonda Willis says:

    I so enjoyed both of your posts. And I love all the food shots!

    1. Thanks you we love eating good food

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