1. I hope you get to see it in person. The kids were floored and it certainly created memories

    1. Thanks Pam, a lot of them were taken with my iPhone and I regret it now but having my big camera out of my bag at all times was too much work 😉

  1. Patty Day says:

    These are my “wish for” places in the world to visit! I am seeing them through your eyes. Thank you so much. It’s breathtaking!

    1. Oh I so hope you get to see it Patty. It’s ridiculously beautiful and certainly unforgettable.

  2. So beautiful! And I’m very impressed that you took the cable car….I could feel my blood pressure going up just looking at the picture!

    1. I usually get really weak in the knees and my tummy starts to tingle when I’m scared of heights and then nausea follows. It helped to not look straight down but more into the distance.

  3. Gorgeous…gorgeous….gorgeous. I can ALMOST smell the freshness in the air!

    1. Yes the air was amazing, even the cow smell smelled good to me put there and the kids said the same.

  4. Sheryll & Critters. says:

    Oh gosh, how gorgeous! Heights? Yes, I am so terrified of them also, but I would have taken the cable car also…..might have been frightened and not been realy breathing normally……. but oh golly gosh, such a trip! Thank you for being so kind to share this wonderful trip with all of us.

    1. Oh and I have to thank you for reading Sheryll!

  5. Wow! It’s so beautiful Julia! Hope you enjoy every minute!

    1. I do and when I get back I’m ready for a huge diet. So much swiss cheese and wine

  6. Michelle C says:

    Wow I am so JEALOUS of you!! You have a beautiful family! You are giving them wonderful memories! I traveled quite a bit as a child with my family and those are the best memories for me with my family!

    1. Thanks so much Michelle. I hope I’m creating great memories for my kiddos too.

  7. I am so proud of you also for putting your fear of heights away. Your pictures prove it was worth dealing with your phobia. I have the same phobia and rarely do I have the courage to put it a side. I really enjoyed all the pictures-each more beautiful than the next.

    1. Thanks so much Toni. I noticed that it helped to look into the distance compared to looking straight down which makes me nauseous.

  8. Looks amazing! Stunning photos! And you’re family is just the cutest 🙂

    1. Thanks so so much Sarah

  9. Beautiful pictures! Thank you so much for sharing. We hosted a foreign exchange student from Switzerland a few years ago and we would love to visit her. I really want to now!

    1. Thanks so much Michele and you really should go and visit her. It is an unforgettable trip.

  10. Jessica Holte says:

    WOW, stunning pictures and what an amazing experience! I’ve only been to Zurich on a layover headed home from India but it’s a goal of mine to travel around Switzerland!

    1. That’s a goal you should keep Jessica because I’m sure you’d love it just as much as we did

  11. Hi Julia
    Thanks for this nice blog post and the foto story. I just posted it on our FB https://www.facebook.com/fuerenalp .
    The design of this blog is impressive and made me to stay longer – congratulations! I hope to see you soon again at our Alp 🙂

    1. Hi Peter, I’m so glad you liked it and thank you so much for sharing on Facebook, I really appreciate it. I’d love to come back one day. You are so lucky to live in such a beautiful area! Have a great weekend.

  12. Ughh SO gorgeous!!! I would be singing The Sound of Music the ENTIRE time I was there. xxx

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