1. We will have to visit there. We live in Wiesbaden now, keep the pics coming!

  2. Oh how beautiful. I love the door handle and well everything. I would like to live there except I am sure it gets VERY cold, especially in the winter.

    And what a beautiful dress your little girl is wearing and her hair is just gorgeous. Who did her hair?

    1. Thanks Sheryll, I bought her dress last year and I do her hair. She loves it!

  3. What an awesome tower. I would want to live there as Repunzel as well. 🙂 The town is gorgeous!
    tschüss, 😀

    1. Thanks and me too. I’d love to meet you and all the other awesome ladies! It looked like way to much fun and I already told the hubby that I want to make it work. It’s just during the busiest time of the year 🙁

  4. What a wonderful opportunity for your children to experience all your “history” and share in your childhood…The town looks like one from a Story Book!

    1. Thanks, It actually is the town of a story book called snow white, not kidding! 😉 There is quite some history here!

  5. it’s so beautiful and when I read that your parents house is one of the houses on top of the hill;WOW! I’ve always dreamt about living like that; so beautiful and calm (very different from the city)
    you made me laugh about your giveaway! 🙂

  6. Gorgeous! I love all the history…it’s hard to believe that it’s been around that long!

  7. August is your month to pick the inspiration photo for the design collaboration. I haven’t heard back from you regarding our facebook group so unless you let me know differently I’ll assume you aren’t going to participate.


    your pics are too surreal!

  8. I really enjoyed your pictures Julia, and I can see you are really loving being home.. And seriously H&M home here in the US? How did I miss that! Going over to check it out now!

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