1. all of the food looks amazing and the buildings are beautiful! but my favorite line, “i’m 14 and know what that means (red light district) and i don’t care!” love that, noa! great job!

    1. Lol he said to me “mom I went to Amsterdam last year, I’m not new to what a red light district is”

  2. Kathy Stewart says:

    Like Mother like son!! Fantastic job. I see a future blogger in the making! Well done!

    1. Haha thanks, food blogging maybe

  3. Esther Books says:

    I love the fact that he is contributing!!! That is so cool!!! Even though I disagree with his assessment of Hamburg – it’s one of my favorite cities.

    1. I agree and he might have to revisit his thoughts when he’s a little older 😉

  4. Kathleen Tweed says:

    Enjoyed traveling along with you! What a great recap on your visit. Your lunch in Rathaus made my mouth water! Your dinner not so much:( Loved seeing all the architecture, ships and the crowds of people. Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thanks for reading Kathleen. He’s so excited for every single comment

  5. it’s so great your kids get to experience such culture and food, etc. i am sure that was scary about the train. i like what he said about not just seeing the pretty parts…i feel like i said this the last time i commented, but this past trip we were in austria and it was really important for me to visit mauthausen concentration camp. it needs to be seen first hand and made real, especially to people who might not have anything tangible to visit, like the students in europe do. when i posted my pics on facebook, i said “b/c it’s not just beautiful buildings and delicious food.” can’t wait to see his next post!

    1. We’ve taken the kids to Dachau concentration camp and it’s something that I feel they should see, especially since my father lived during that time and was on the run.
      They can’t even imagine and how good they have it, right?

    1. Thank you and yes we are. He’s writing another post now

  6. Oh your son is such a handsome guy and he writes beautifully! He should get some credit for a summer school project for his writing! 😉 Both he and your husband took some fantastic photos. Germany is so gorgeous. Can’t wait to visit someday!

    1. Thank you Sheryl! It certainly would be nice if he’d get credit for it in school ????

    1. Thanks Gretchen. I think we planted a seed here with traveling

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