1. Hi Julia, last year we visited Baden Baden but did not know about Heidelberg which just looks wonderful. Since my aunt lives in the region we will have to make another trip then. I’ve been going over our travel diaries from last year which started with a month in France, week in Germany and continued and I am yet to share our Baden Baden experience which was quite a change from what we saw in France.

  2. Thank you for taking me back to Heidelberg! When I was in the Army, I was in Kaiserslautern for training in May 2000 and 2001, and had the opportunity to visit. My favorite was the trek up the hill to the castle and all the cherry trees heavy with fruit. Lunch on the marktplatz and the whole enchanting town, I just love it. Thank you thank you!

    1. It is totally enchanting. Lunch somewhere outside is what I will miss the most too

  3. Thank you for sharing your pictures. The architecture is gorgeous!!!! The scenery is breathtaking.

  4. Patty Day @Pattys Epiphanies says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your wonderful pictures! They are like walking through “story books”!

  5. Lovely pictures!! I love how interested your son is in everything, too 🙂

  6. The architecture is simply stunning. And a bit insane at the same time! Love it! Your images are fantastic!!

  7. Oh this is the last one? I am so hoping you have more in a last thought. I have been loving all your pictures of your vacation. All that gorgeous woodwork and well everything. I notice that there were vandals that carved into that wonderful old wood…. even there we have those brats. I can’t help but remember my favorite cathedral in the old world city of Chester… England. The carved woodwork in one chapel was so exquisite….. well it was difficult to leave.

  8. Love your travel pictures! I enjoyed reading the Witch’s Bite legend and that door is pretty amazing. Can’t wait to see the places you will explore next year!

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