1. I’m so excited about it!

  1. I like your blogg! Great ideas!

    1. Thanks for the visit Monika and good luck with your blog!

  2. I’m SUPER EXCITED about your new light!!! Eeek! Also, yes Lucy needs that collar like yesterday. I might have to get one for Meisha as well 😉 xx

    1. Meisha needs the collar too for sure. I hate that I have to wait for the light for so long because I’m so super excited.

    1. I want the Malachite plates badly 😉

  3. that light!!! Can’t wait to see where you put it!! I love all your etsy finds. Thanks for the mention!Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. Thanks have a great weekend too.

  4. Beautiful choices Julia! Your Lucy looks exactly like my Angel did – I miss him so! Thank you for showcasing fellow Etsy shop owners! Why stand in line at a big box store when there is so much awesome stuff at your finger tips right there!

    1. Poor Angel 🙁 And I agree it’s so much better to buy from an American handmade selection online and support small business owners than standing in line.

  5. yay–you’re getting your light! great finds–I’m in love with those striped blankets

    1. I love those blankets and one of my IG followers said she has one and it’s super soft. I’m so excited about that light!!!!

  6. Great selections – I must get one of those gorgeous rings. I would take one of all your selections in a heartbeat.

    1. I want that ring so badly. Showed it to the hubby too just in case 😉

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