1. Thanks Cassie! Wood beads on everything now????

    1. That tassel gave me the idea. Thanks Maggie

    1. Well you should! You never have a shortage of thrifted upholstery you could use ???? but your sofas are always way too pretty to cut apart

  1. Marty Oravetz says:

    Oh my word how fun is this. Love them

  2. Beautiful idea Julia! Love the wood beads, so cute! xox

  3. Another awesome diy project from you! I love yours because you always have less complicated ones that are gorgeous and clever. Thank you!

    1. Oh thank you so much Debbie

  4. Valarie Sanford says:

    Proof you ARE a mad genius!

    1. LOL can I tell my husband you said that? Thanks 😉

  5. Love this! I’m new to your blog and I’m loving your style! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Oh thanks so so much Chelsie. Hope you stick around

  6. Esther Books says:

    Those are so cool! Absolutely love the idea and the outcome 🙂

    1. I’m sure there are lots of other things we can find at thiftshops to make tassels out of. Maybe even an old Jacket

    1. Thanks Pam, you are pretty clever yourself.

  7. I love this up-cycle from your old sofa. The tassels look perfect on your bar cart! Super pretty.

  8. These are so cool! I’m thinking I have to go hunting at our local thrift store for some leather to give a good chop!

    1. I’m sure you can find a great piece to chop up

  9. What a creative idea! Those tassel looks cute. Unfortunately I don’t have any old sofa right now, maybe I’d better looking for other similar materials. Anw, thanks for the great tutorial, Julia, this must be helpful to many family.

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