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  1. I am going to try your print outs with some poster type paper that I got from a beer suitcase. I am hoping it will be easier to cut. I love stars myself. And I am hoping to make a tree tooer by roling up a poster board into a small tube. Wish me luck.

    1. Any star shape would do, maybe I should include a star printable with various sizes to my post too for people like you who don’t have a silhouette. I hope I can get to fixing that this weekend.

      1. If you can that would be awesome! my son’s 2nd birthday is next month and i think these stars would make the perfect decor (and he loves his stars). Thanks for replying!

        1. I just updated a link in the post with a printable star shape. Maybe you can test it to see if it works. Merry Christmas

  2. I am so behind – your blog hasn’t been updating in my reader.

    Love these stars and I’ll have to try them on the silhouette. What a fun idea. I hand folded stars a few years ago and it wasn’t nearly as simple.

    Everything looks beautiful!

  3. A question because I can’t open the file – what kind is .studio? It doesn’t open on my laptop and I absolutely love these!

    1. So sorry, I missed your comment. .studio is a file you can use with the cutter but you should be able to open it in other programs as well. I have to double check it.

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