1. love those! they are awesome- love the cross especially- it’s so you!

  2. Love the dishtowels… now you have inspired me to make some. Mine should have been thrown out long ago! Can’t wait to see the magazine feature. Do you have a date on that?

    1. Thanks Ashley, it can take up to a year for the feature to get published!

  3. Sehr schöne Idee, möchte ich unbedingt auch ausprobieren! Ich hab zuletzt in der Schule Stoff bemalt, wird mal wieder Zeit. Übrigens, schön, dass du wieder da bist 😉

    1. Vielen Dank Sabine. Ich bin froh dass ich meine “Subscribers” nicht verloren habe!

  4. I love the towels! Great idea for Christmas too! Love all your decorations, it all “flows” so well together. I have to ask about the “mouse hole” in the door? That is the cutest thing I have ever seen! It is definitely an attention getter…..

    (I am fairly new to the blog, so forgive me if I have missed something.) 😉

    1. Thanks my friend and so is yours!

  5. Caitlin @ Desert Domicile says:

    Such a great idea, Julia! Can’t wait to see behind the scenes of your magazine shoot!

    1. thanks Caitlin, it was so much fun

    1. Yes, it was super easy and thanks so much!

  6. Very nice! I love the way it carries the patterns over to other parts of the house! Can’t wait to hear about the DIY shoot 🙂

  7. Goodness, so lovely! I really want to give this a try. Pinning.

    1. Thank you and I totally think you should 😉

  8. Julia, I love floursack towels! I discovered them a few years ago and they are what I use in the kitchen now. Love the added pops of black and white (and crosses) through out your stunning home for the photo shoot. I can’t wait to see some more behind the scenes. OH, and that owl art is still one of my favorites. And the animal plates in the kitchen. I think I need more animals in my life. 🙂

    1. Thanks Kathy, I think everyone needs more animals in their life 😉

  9. Those would be such great gifts, Julia! Where did you get the flour sack towels? Love the sneak peek of your shoot, I’m sure it was a blast to see how they rearranged and changed things in your house. I’d love to have a fresh perspective like that!

    1. Thanks Jennifer, the dishtowels were from Amazon.

  10. Gorgeous! I just love how they turned out and I am crazy for those pillows in your living room – they look so good in there! I will have to try painting some floursack towels too! I think they would make great Christmas gifts tucked around some fresh-baked goods!

    1. Thank you and yes I was thinking the same thing that some handmade dishtowels would be great gifts. So easy to make too.

  11. Love all your brushstroke pieces, Julia, that pattern just goes with everything!! Can’t wait to hear about your photo shoot ` how fun!

    1. Thank you so much Yasmina

  12. Julia, your towels turned out amazing. I must admit I have never heard of flour sack towels until now. Where did you get them from?

    1. They are from Amazon and the DIY magazine stylist told me about them. She wanted me to make towels for the kitchen and powder room. They are perfect dishtowels and I’m so glad she told me about them.

  13. Kenz @ Interiors By Kenz says:

    What a great gift idea!

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