DIY toilet paper roll snowflakes as Christmas ornaments

Save your toilet paper rolls and turn them into free Christmas ornaments by making super easy toilet paper roll snowflakes.

• empty toilet paper rolls  • thin tip hot glue gun • ribbon • scissors

Supplies needed to make toilet paper roll snowflakes:

Cut strips of toilet paper roll

Flatten a toilet paper roll with and cut even strips of toilet paper rolls with your scissors.


Create star shape

Take 6 pieces of the flattened and cut toilet paper rolls and glue them together into a star shape with hot glue.


Fold toilet paper strips 

Take the cut strips and fold them in half. The shape should look like bunny ears


Glue pieces into center

Take the bunny earpieces, add a dab of glue to the tip, and insert them into the center of the flower shape.


Create more shapes

Have fun with and create different snowflake shapes with the toilet paper roll strips.


Besides Christmas ornaments, these toilet paper roll snowflakes are also great as unique gift toppers.