1. Yes, I’m so glad and I think my mom doesn’t lie them 😉 go figure

  1. Always one of my favorite stops on this tour! Your home is full of inspiration! I love those new chairs! They are perfect in your space and can’t believe the price!!! And, your macrame work is crazy good! Always love seeing Willy and Maya!

    1. Yeah I couldn’t believe it when I saw the price. There really isn’t a big difference between the expensive chair and the cheap chair. Definitely nothing that makes it about $800 more expensive 😉

  2. Marty Oravetz says:

    Oh I do love your new chairs, they are perfect and those stairs are to die for. What a fabulous idea. Your tassel and macrame talent is unequaled for sure. I love your pretty hangings. I always love seeing your home and what you are doing next. You have such a talent for accessorizing. Thanks so much for joining the tours, always a thrill to visit.

    1. Thanks so much Marty, I just love making tassels.

  3. HI, Julia, your home is always inspirational and I love your black and white used as well. I have a bit of that in my house. Your cats look so happy out there in their run. And your new chairs look like a perfect fit for the living room. Fun to be on the tour with you today!

    1. Thanks Rhoda, I was so happy that I found those chairs.

  4. Judie Updike, Bethlehem says:

    My granddaughter and I love Stranger Things. I got the Momopoly game of it at Target and we played it this weekend. So much fun!

    1. Oh I didn’t even know they had a Monopoly game for Stranger Things. That’s cool!

    1. Thanks so much Laura! I’m so glad that I finally tackled the project.

  5. I just love your style!! Your kitties are just precious! I love that enclosure that you made. Such a fabulous idea. We just had to put my 14 year old tabby to sleep last week. First time in my entire life that I haven’t had a cat. Going to give it sometime, but I’m sure I’ll get another maybe in the fall.

    1. I’m so sorry for your loss Christy. It’s so hard. And I can’t imagine living without a kitty now. After our 22 year old died I promised her that I’d give another shelter cat like her a chance and we went one week later and got another kitty. It just always makes me feel so terrible knowing how many of them waste away in shelters. Best of luck!

  6. Everything is fabulous as always, and your macrame skills are crazy!! I learned to do it in elementary school and recently made a plant hanger, but that’s as far as I’ve gotten:-)

    1. Thanks so much Anita, I find it very addicting and just ordered more yarn today. I have nowhere to hang another piece but I feel like making more.

  7. Your cats have my heart! They are adorable! ..Your house…!! It’s amazing and beautiful. I need to do something like that with my stairs. Want to come over and help? lol …no, but seriously they need help 😉

  8. Oh my gosh Julia!!!! I love your new chairs!! Such a gorgeous silhouette and I love the cane detail! I’m so happy you found ‘the’ chairs! Love your macrame art piece too – you are so talented friend! Happy Summer! xo Heather

  9. I was going to say: how come I haven’t seen that staircase before! Well, now I know you just completed it and I’m in love!! And those chairs, wow, great price! I always enjoy touring your beautiful home!

  10. Wow! I always love touring your home, Julia. So glad you shared that staircase because it’s amazing!

  11. julia how amazing is the cat walk that you made. Love that…as I am sure they do as well. those chairs……and such a great price.

  12. Such a fun and funky house. Personally, I like the chair from Target much better than the original choice. This was a great post.

  13. You have such a cute house. The cat cage is amazing. Great idea. I love, love the macrame hanger.

  14. My cat is jealous of your cats! That enclosure/obstacle course is amazing! And what a great score on the chairs–they’re perfect for the space and those cane backs are stunning. Happy Summer!

  15. I am loving all your boho accents! I have added a little touch of boho to our home this summer as well. So fun being on the home tour this week with all you talented bloggers…

  16. Hi Julia! This is my first time visiting your blog so now I know straight where to come for hip and trendy decor ideas! I am totally loving all your pillows! The animal print has always been a favorite of mine. As you saw today my style is vintage cottage with traditional, French country and farmhouse touches, but I totally love Boho too. The easiest way I have found to add Boho style that will work in my home is with pillows and baskets and throws and you have so many awesome ones! I am definitely one to pick up on little design details that add character and personality, so I noticed your white Cuckoo clock right away which is a perfect little reference to your blog name. Do you collect them? That white one is amazing!

    So glad to meet you on this tour. Have a great summer!

    1. Wow thanks so much Amber! You just made my day with your comment. I’m from Germany and used to hate cuckoo clocks growing up. When I moved to the US in my early 20s my parents thought it was funny to gift me my first cuckoo clock as a joke. I wanted to paint that one white but my dad said no because it was so expensive. So I went out to find another one to paint which is the one in my living room. I found it on Craigslist for $20 and oddly enough it is from Korea not Germany, so I didn’t feel bad about painting it because it wasn’t an authentic one. It’s huge though and I love it. This started it all and was the reason for my blog name 😉 My daughter has one that is painted gold glitter. I think I was one of the first ones to paint them about 10 years ago and then they started popping up everywhere.

  17. Love it all, Julia! You looks so cute in that jumpsuit!

  18. Everything is just beautiful! I love how effortless you make it all look!

    xo karianne

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