1. i LOVE the new arrangement so much! it suits the space so well! and love the black leather modern chairs you had for a living room possibility- they get my vote!

    1. Thanks Cassie, they get my vote too. I wish they were a little cheaper 🙁 Maybe Homegoods will come to the rescue.

  2. Marty Oravetz says:

    The new arrangement looks so good and I am sure the extra light if great for spring. Your home is always so beautifully decorated and accessorized. I am also a huge fan of all of your wonderful tassels. Thanks so much for joining the tours.

    1. Thanks so much Marty. It’s always fun

  3. Isn’t it amazing what a difference just a small furniture change can make? Well done!

    I’m sorry to hear about Lucy (and the chair), too. We’ve gone through similar with a kitty and they just can’t help it.

    1. NO they can’t help it, it’s so sad

  4. Haha I also love to surprise my kids with a room makeover where all the pieces are the same, but somehow it looks different! I love your home, so stylish and polished. Your way of mixing pattern is something I’ve always admired, it’s flawless. And yeah, I’d keep that pretty garland year round. 😉

    1. I used to surprise my parents a new layout of my room when I was a kid and now I’m still doing that with my own children 😉
      Thanks so much Cristina

  5. What a fantastic tour! I adore your children’s bedrooms and cannot wait to try the stacked tassel. Have a beautiful day!

    1. Thanks, let me know how it turns out Laura

  6. Emma | Defined Designs says:

    I love your living room set up! Those chairs by the fireplace are to die for!

    xo, Emma

  7. Julia, I love the changes to your living room and I love that you didn’t spend any money to get this fab new look! Those are always my favorite kinds of changes!! It’s always so fun doing this tour with you…happy spring my friend!!! xoxo

  8. Nice! I know you closed your Etsy shop, but you should consider re-opening it and selling your tassels. I love them, but my efforts at re-creation kind of fell short. (My crafty gene went to my sister). Also love your kids’ rooms. I

    1. Hi Ingrid, I didn’t close my Etsy shop. It’s still there, I just don’t have the time to make tassels and sell them.

    2. Hi Ingrid, I didn’t close my Etsy shop. It’s still there, I just don’t have the time to make tassels and sell them.
      They might sell well though, you are right.

    1. Thanks Ashley, I love rearranging furniture ever since I was a kid.

  9. No matter what arrangement, your home always looks perfectly stylish Julia, love the subtle touch of spring in your gorgeous home! So honored to share another home tour with you! Cheers!

    1. Thanks so much Vel, same here.

  10. love your idea of adding spring to a room, sounds like me…move it around! love your changes Julia.

    1. Moving things around is fun! And thanks Laura

  11. I love all the blue in the living room. The tassels are a nice touch. But what I love best is the two precious kitties!! They are adorable models. I am so sorry that Lucy is ill.

    1. Thanks Suzy, they are always looking for a photo opportunity. That day they were wrestling like crazy which made every photo blurry and I had to reshoot them when they were sitting still 😉

  12. Julia, I love the new layout of your living room! It’s amazing how switching furniture in room can give you a completely new space. Love your style!

  13. So nice to see that with simple touches you can bring a bit of spring into your home. I really love the arrangement of tulips & greenery in the white pitcher, and definitely going to try my hand at making a tassel. Sorry about your kitty. My Emily is going through the same thing, but I found that by bringing her to the vets every other week for fluids has stopped the throwing up and other kidney failure symptoms.

    1. Vet visits stress her out so so much, especially since I have to drive for 40 minutes so that’s not an option for us at her age. I don’t want to stress her out that much. Best of luck to your poor Emily and thanks you Liz

  14. Tammy Mitchell says:

    Every time I look at this gorgeous room it makes me re-think my decision to go with navy in our house. I just LOVE black and white and your house is perfection!

  15. So pretty! I love all the colors and patterns for Spring!

  16. I love the new living room arrangement! Having pieces that you can move around and use multiple ways is always a plus in my book! And can we talk about your cats?! So cute and I love that they’re part of your photo shoot. 🙂

  17. Love your little fireplace nook, Julia! So cozy!

  18. where is the bathroom wallpaper from?

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