1. I like the 3 seater under the window like you have it now.
    It seems more spacious. I too have had a long living room
    and had to break it up into two spaces. It was very hard to
    settle on an arrangement that worked.

  2. Girl, you have had so many chairs in the past few months. I can’t remember what you kept. Did you send back the chaise?

  3. I think that with a living room your size and the position of the large window I would go with two 3-person sofas instead of a 3 and 2(loveseat). Then I would make or buy a larger sofa table to accomodate that. I really like the one with the strandmon chair in it as far as layout. Your livingroom is already awesome! Though ☺

      1. Definitely Katja, I was thinking the same thing about having two 3 seaters and a larger coffee table, it’s just not in the budget right now. When these are ready to head out, that’s what I will do!

    1. Thank you! I was thinking the same thing as Katja though, 2 3 seaters would be the best 😉

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