1. Cats pick the rugs. (Or cushioned chairs ) to vomit on because it allows them to get their claws into the surface and helps them to heave…which they can’t do as easily on hardwood or tile.

    1. I never thought about that but that makes total sense Carol.

  2. I would love this product to clean up cat vomit as well. Not to mention toddler messes, older child messes, heck even husband messes!

    1. Oh tell me about husband messes!!!

  3. I would love to try this Bissell vacuum cleaner! As a dog lover and keeper of a clean and tidy home, I feel I still have yet to find the right product to care for my area rugs and wood floor. This vacuum cleaner sounds like a game changer!

    1. I truly love that it eliminates the other gadgets I have because it does everything.

  4. Frani Willis says:

    I’ve seen this on TV and thought it sounded too good to be true and now you tell us it is as good as the commercial says. Oh, I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to have this to help with the rolling furballs, the constant tracking of teenage boys and general day-to-day cleaning. I will wait with baited breath, hoping I win!

  5. With two dogs, one cat, and human kids, this vacuum sounds like something I need. Plus we also have primarily wood floors with area rugs so this sounds great to clean both in one shot.

  6. As my dog gets older, having something to clean up after her is a must! It’s nice to hear that it cleaned your vintage rug without a problem!

  7. Linda Moore says:

    With 5 permanent resident cats and 6 foster kittens at this time I could so use this. With all the foster kittens I have I know my tank would look way worse than yours, LOL.

  8. This vacuum cleaner sounds like a dream! I have two long hair kitties, and would love this vacuum to help me keep on top of our house cleaning. I also love that the Bissell brand is committed to saving shelter animals! Their products are so well thought out for pet owners, bravo Bissell!

  9. Wow! I can’t believe the amount of animal hair you picked up! As a full time working mother of a 2 year old, a large (always shedding) dog and two cats I’m looking for a cleaning machine to save me time and the hassle. Love their cleaning solution as well, it’s great!

  10. I love my CrossWave! It really does pick up so much pet gunk, hair, drool, etc! Love that you used it on all your rugs!

  11. I was just watching a commercial about this and wondered if it worked well! SO much hair around here with a gshep and two cats!! I would love to have this machine. 😀

  12. I would not be so hesitant to purchase a quality rug if I had a convenient Bissell Crosswave! I have pets and children who have ruined our rugs. My previous rug cleaner did not do a great job and we got rid of the rugs because I didn’t want my children crawling on them. The Crosswave would eliminate any worries I’d have about keeping a rug clean!

  13. My older cat also throws up a ton of hairballs, so this would be super helpful in my house. Thanks for the opportunity!

  14. Julia Brewer says:

    I have a 17 year old CKD cat and am going through the same things! It is hard but we just try to cherish each day that he is with us, feeling happy and eating. I also have one dog and several feral cats. Everyone in our house is rescue and we a love each and every one. With all of them I am always on the quest for the perfect vacuum and carpet shampooer. My friend forwarded me your review and now I am hooked on your site! Thanks for your review and my fingers are crossed that we get to bring a Crosswave into our home!

  15. I am itching to make a joke about a product that sucks. But I won’t 😂😂😂

    This sucker looks amazing. Is what I will go with instead. Ba-dam-dam. Come back on Thusday

  16. Between my two cats, two teenage girls, and one messy husband, I clean up far more than I thought I would. A little extra help would be heavenly!
    One of my cats, Scooter, is absolutely adorable but not very bright. He eats too fast and then vomits. He’s the messiest of the bunch.

  17. With two dogs and two cats, I’m in much the same boat as you! This vacuum seems ideal for both the carpet and dry messes I contend with weekly. The fact that you only have to pull out one vacuum make sure it even better,

  18. Angela Howell says:

    I have the same exact rug but have not put in my living room yet out of fear. The love of my life is a 10 year old Lab Rescue. I would love this new Bissell Crosswave so that I can finally feel comfortable putting out my rug without it getting ruined. Thanks for the great post!

  19. My dog puked on my bedroom rug and then a neighbors dog came over and peed all over it! I obviously need this Bissell in my life!

  20. I have a small dog with tracheal problems( and a messy husband who drags things in from the yard ) and for my dogs’ sake I vacumn and steam mop daily . But it never seems to help . This vacumn seems like a miracle!

  21. Wendy Morgan says:

    We have two doggies and we have hair imbedded everywhere! I would love something like the Bissell to help me clean it up!

  22. Howdy! I think i’d actually enjoy cleaning if i owned that BISSELL. Our sweet kitty Marilyn has issues only a mom can relate to. She has bladder leaks and shes only 7. Imagine how much I’m cleaning so our house doesnt smell like vet clinic. I’ve tried every product out there to spot clean. Oh the damage i could do to stains with that vacuum! She’s still very active and won’t keep a diaper on so thats out. She also had bladder surgery recently to remove a stone and although it eased her pain it didnt do anything for mine. Unfortunately she still leaks. She’s our family so putting her outside or worse just isnt happening. Please help me and everyone who visits our house breath a little easier…literally. Thanks!

  23. I live in a fairly small apartment with 2 cats in an old Victorian turned multi family home. Sometimes it’s like the Wild Wild West in here with the fur that builds up in absolutelyno time! I’m dealing with some chronic pain issues – so adaptive equipment – or equiptment that does the job without unnecessary elbow grease is much preferred. And it’s shedding season. I swear my cats must scoot back and forth on such a miniscule scale while laying down, just enough to leave behind ALL of their loose fur right on my couch/chair/bed/carpets. 🙄 They’re crazy but I love em to pieces and they’re so worth it!

  24. I have 3 indoor only kitties who all love to barf on everything that can stain. One is a rescued ‘feral’ that is now 19 years old. Though we have have had him since he was about 1 1/2 years old, he still reverts to his wild days, i.e. spraying everything. Not so much now, it’s just mostly barfing. As you know, male cat pee is the worst! It seems the smell really never goes away. It somehow resurfaces every time! I have thrown out so many rugs over the course of his lifetime. :-/ I would be thrilled to win this little gem. Our expensive rug in the dining room has never been professionally cleaned, only spot cleaned. I am curious to see how much dirt/hair/etc. would come up with the Bissell. Love my furbabies, just not the messy side of them! >^..^<

  25. I have 8 cats and….yep, I have 8 cats. Nuff said! 🙂

  26. romeogirl says:

    The large and small of it is my Lhasa and Golden Doodle. Could really use the Bissell.

  27. I need this for my adopted menagerie. It is so hard to have clean floors with cats, dogs, birds and a crew of 17 year old boys.

  28. Judie Updike, Bethlehem says:

    Two cats; a tuxedo named Jewels (my grandson said call him jewelry because you have so much of it you won’t forget his name) and a torti, Scarlett, both estimated to be 14. They like to eat grass and then come inside to throw up! Lovely💋 I need a BisselL😉

  29. Mary Stewart says:

    I love my dog Cleo but she is a hot mess! She is a cross between an Australian blue heeler a medium-sized herding dog and a long fuzzy haired Shih-Tzu who basically sits on a pillow all day long and looks cute. Her fur is white and gets on everything! We have hardwood floors throughout the house and have to vacuum daily to keep the little tumbleweed style balls of white fur that are rolling around the house at bay. The Bissell Crosswave Pet Pro would get lots of use at my house! Folks have a hard time trying to guess what Cleo’s mixture is. She has the cute Shih-Tzu face of her mother and the strong bigger body of her father the blue heeler. We affectionately called her – Miss Cleo the BLUE-SHIH! Lordy, I hope our nickname for her does not offend anybody. Thanks for the chance to win the pet pro. :-b

  30. Lee Hernandez says:

    This is a real clean machine! Just what I need to spruce up our home. If I don’t win the free one, I would love to buy one. You did a great job of describing how essential it is. Thanks for the tutorail.

  31. Catherine says:

    I have two hair-dropping dogs – a black lab and a border collie – and my house is FULL of tumbleweeds! I need the Bissell Crosswave like you wouldn’t believe. I have hardwoods, tile, and antique Persian rugs, so I think this would be super handy in my house. Crossing my fingers!!

  32. Thank you we will be getting one of these for our home! Love that it does everything! Your rug did not even look like it could have that much on it lol! I tried the link to get a rug like yours but it did not work. Will you please tell me how to purchase? Thank you so much! I really enjoy your blog!!

  33. Allison Crawford says:

    I was so excited to find your review!!! I’ve been fascinated and quite curious sine the first time I saw the Bissell Crosswave. I’m so excited that they now have a “Pet” version. I would love to have a Bissell Crosswave for many reasons. Not only do we have an indoor cat, Maurice, who rules our home (and our hearts), but We have 2 sons who still live at home. Because we have carpet, tile, hardwoods and area rugs in our home, I believe the Bissell Crosswave would be perfect to meet our needs!!

  34. Are the vacuum and shampoo functions separate? So I can just vacuum and then switch to shampoo if I come to a mess? This looks so much easier to use than my big carpet shampooer!!

  35. Want this so much! Reason: 5 chihuahuas who shed like crazy, and have accidents on tile/wood floors at times. Also for my mom, who is 95 and helps to care for them. I believe this would be easy for her to handle, no more stooping over to clean floor. Just spray and clean!

  36. I would love a Bissell Crosswave. We have 5 cats and a dog, all of which are in our home at one time or another. We also have very sandy soil that tracks on my floors and rugs. I simply can not keep up. This sounds like the ideal answer all around.

  37. Lisa Small says:

    I just discovered the CrossWave® Pet Pro by accident and can’t even remember how I came to it but so glad I did. We have 5 cats that are all rescues. My husband and I have been rescuing cats for many years so we always have cat hair, cat food messes (you’d think we had 5 little piggies) and accidents. We have hardwood floors and carpeting so the CrossWave® Pet Pro would be perfect for our home, not to mention how much easier it would be on my back! Thank you!

  38. Great post and I love what Bissell does for pets and pet owners. I had already told my husband that my next purchase will be a Bissell. Thanks so much for sharing.

  39. Mary Hofstra says:

    I would have liked to see a video of you cleaning that spot of vomit. Maybe I missed it when scrolling down, but you showed the spot and SAID it cleaned it without you having to touch it. But DID it clean it TOTALLY to wear you can’t see it AT ALL? You have a pic of your kitty on the rug at the end but there’s no way we can see if that spot is totally gone. I’ve taken videos of myself getting black permanent marker off a genuine leather couch that we bought second hand. It had been on there for a long time. I got it out and I have it on video! (It was really cool!) My son just bought a Bissell Spot cleaner (can’t remember the exact name of it!) to clean a coffee stain in their bedroom carpet. It didn’t do a thing! He was very disappointed! I have used a lot of different Bissell cleaning products, one was the carpet cleaner that heated up the water. That was about 15-20 years ago. We LOVED it. But unfortunately it no longer works! We also have an upright Bissell vacuum cleaner that I do like but it’s very hard to use. It’s very heavy and is a manual type push vacuum.
    Thanks for sharing your info about your Bissell experience! God Bless you and your family!

    1. Hi Mary, yes sorry I don’t have it on video but it did clean it. I actually still have the same rug too 🙂

  40. Greg Jones says:

    Thank you for your review and your information about Cathy Bissell. I am a huge animal & pet lover, and like to support companies that share my empathy for those four-legged creatures. Your review has convinced me that I should get a Bissell Pet Pro to handle the hair and fur of my dog & three cats, and the messes that they sometimes leave behind. Again, thank you for sharing your review, your cats, and your home. (If I can be totally upfront, the ONLY thing I didn’t like was the plate of a zebra wearing a garment . . . tacky! ;o)

    1. Hi Greg!I hope the Bissell will do the job for you! I do love my tacky anthropomorphic plates 😉 though and it’s totally ok if others don’t like it LOL. Thanks for your honesty and have a great weekend.

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